art doll dressup

  1. March 52 Inspirations Challenge

    March 52 Inspirations Challenge

    Finally I could use that cute fox (from Fall in Love) from Fidlette Designs! I chose the girl from Owl Love you.
  2. Day 9 Art Doll Dress Up Challenge

    Day 9 Art Doll Dress Up Challenge

    There is still time to finish our 12 Days of December Cjhallenges! I used my old alter ego and wanted to dress up for a ball. I tried to use a photo for her clothes but the result was too photo because the body was "paper"like. I used a skirt from the same kitJoanne Brisebois) and blended the...
  3. Day 9 Witch Doll Dressup

    Day 9 Witch Doll Dressup

    I had to do some serious hunting through the OScraps shop before I finally stumbled across Joanne Brisebois. She has a whole lot of nice Art Doll Dressup parts and outfits which I was able to purchase from the $1 Deals & Freebies Section of her shop. $1 Deals and Freebies by Joanne Brisebois...