1. I Named Her April

    I Named Her April

  2. Salty wind in your hair

    Salty wind in your hair

    April 2022 Challenge #1 - Artist Inspiration This is a while ago but I’m often dragged on the boat but always glad once on it. Never get sick of that view at that angle lol. I used Stormy Sunset by Leonid Afremov as my influence
  3. Way too cool sisters

    Way too cool sisters

    April 2022 Challenge 3 Quote it I’m allowed to use older photos of family & I was sent this hilarious one of my mum & Aunt in their hot 80s style. Mum looks terrified in the photo, not sure why, maybe the shiny blue dress & layered hair style. My Aunt can totally rock out a pose. You can see...
  4. Fun Filled Fantasy

    Fun Filled Fantasy

    April 2022 Challenge 7 - Storybook/Fantasy Cat woman in a dimension where eggs are the sentient species. Also a species…
  5. Lynn Grieveson's. April Featured Product Challenge.

    Lynn Grieveson's. April Featured Product Challenge.

    Lynn Grieveson's April Featured Product Challenge: Get Botanical!
  6. My lovely Spring bonnet

    My lovely Spring bonnet

    Challenge 4 Artsy/Mixed media I did everything I think. I used overlays & blended & adjusted & masked & clipped & created a Spring bonnet. I love the photo & she is really fabulous & beautiful.
  7. There is always two

    There is always two

    Copy cat challenge. Dady’s Balloons. Trying to do the beautiful clean lines but not really getting it. I always do more than one & I kind of like this as well so I’m adding it.
  8. HRH Balloons

    HRH Balloons

    For the copy cat challenge. I chose Dady’s balloons. I loved the colours & pop art style. Also balloons are fun!
  9. Think you're so criminal

    Think you're so criminal

    Wanted to do a bad guy. Influenced by Legion which has been in my head lately. The scene I that made me think of this was a rap battle. About being the baddest by the wolf from red riding hood. Weird show. Visually amazing. Then the title from a lyric in a Billie Eilish song, Bad guy.
  10. Zebra thoughts of shoes

    Zebra thoughts of shoes

    I scrap lifted Zebra by Nightshadow. I loved the black & white with stars & the bit of blue/green of the flowers. Not sure why I thought of shoes but this is my interpretation & I hope it shows my inspiration & appreciation of the original. My first scrap lift.
  11. Old & well used bookmark.

    Old & well used bookmark.

    1 thing re: Dogs, it is a joke & I love dogs. I have 2 cats & I love Brave New World. So a favourite author making a funny quote regarding pets. Lol. The insect landed on the old bookmark, so it’s not part of the bookmark. Just adds to the old grittiness & I imagine it on the ground somewhere.
  12. Vacant lot

    Vacant lot

    Inspired by x-man Legion.
  13. Unplanned trip to the beach

    Unplanned trip to the beach

    Lots & lots of different packs & kits as I was not planning to use this as a challenge entry. Photo is Deposit photos: bikini woman. Editing with the graphic tool I use were Noise & Directional perspective blur. It goes out from her face. I made that the clear point & the photo blurs out.
  14. Early morning thoughts

    Early morning thoughts

    I woke up very early this morning & could not sleep so I started the MiniO challenge & ended up with 4. I liked 2 so I’m putting those up. I should have used my energy on another challenge but I love the kits I have so much I wanted to use them as much as I could. Also I think skulls are cool.
  15. I have never seen a whale & I love them.

    I have never seen a whale & I love them.

    I have lived a lot of my life in & around where whales are. They famously come into our harbour & I have a view of it. I’ve been on tours, famous lookouts etc. I should work on a whaling ship as they will never find the whales. Special protection whale repellent power maybe? I’m secretly evil?
  16. Learn something new.

    Learn something new.

    I like to add everything & more so this was a challenge. I hope it translates correctly. I hid a lot of things in layers to make me feel a bit better. I looked away & looked back & removed or I hid anything if I wanted it in the page. The picture I added is of the white rabbit from Rijksmuseum.
  17. Ika - April 10, 2008

    Ika - April 10, 2008

    Pictures of my niece, Ieka, during a photoshoot last year. Credits: Free Stylin' page kit. Lil' Picasso doodle pack. All by Danielle Young Designs (available at Oscraps). Template by Kim Crothers.
  18. Grow Happy

    Grow Happy

    Made entirely with the fab new April Collab "New Growth" @ Oscraps! Awesome job, girls, I love it!!! I also used Annie Manning's Resize for Web Photo Action TFL!!
  19. Craig's Calendar - April

    Craig's Calendar - April

    Another LO in my DH's calendar, nothing but hunting and fishing LOs :) Conundrum - MikiFerkul - SBE Thanks for looking!
  20. Silly Sitting

    Silly Sitting

    Scraplift of http://www.designerdigitals.com/ddgallery/showphoto.php?photo=25976&cat=fav, from Lifts with a Twist. Everything is from Scraps For Charity's April Mega Kit, avail at http://brentboone.typepad.com/scraps_for_charity/ TFL