1. Tuscany


    Created for the AnnaColor Challenge 09.23.2022-10.06.2022
  2. The Beauty of Life

    The Beauty of Life

    Started with a plain paper and add two artsy transfers to create the foundation for my photo and deleted and moved some of the layers. I placed a photo mask and clipped my photo. To finish it I placed the word art and a tiny cluster. Thank for looking!!
  3. currently beginning

    currently beginning

    ANNACOLOR CHALLENGE 09.23.2022 - 10.06.2022
  4. AnnaColor - Autumn Cheer

    AnnaColor - Autumn Cheer

    The process ... simple, quit simple!I used one paper from the collection and add the provided mask. Blended my photo and used the pumpkin element on the girls head. For my clusters I´ve used a few elements from the multimedia branches mixed with the collection elements. I´ve duplicated some...
  5. 2022_09_23.jpg


    The new AnnaColor Challenge has been posted here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-09-23-2022-10-06-2022.36300/ Please enter under original post
  6. Bucket List Stuff

    Bucket List Stuff

    Created for: AnnaColor Challenge 9-9-22 - 9-23-22
  7. AnnaColor - Romance

    AnnaColor - Romance

    I´ve started my layout with a plain paper form the APP Romance. Picked two of the artsy transfers and assembled my background. I´ve blended my photo on a framed mask and placed my cluster and word art on top. Later I blended a second paper to my background to give it more texture and placed bits...
  8. Just be yourself . . .

    Just be yourself . . .

    Created for the AnnaColor Challenge 8-26-22 - 9-8-22 Journaling reads: Just enjoy every moment - don't stress. Just be yourself.
  9. AnnaColor Challenge-20220826.jpg

    AnnaColor Challenge-20220826.jpg

    The new AnnaColor (colour!) Challenge has been posted. For more details: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/annacolor-challenge-08-26-2022-09-08-2022.36151/#post-637688
  10. CharleneMitchell

    AnnaColor Challenge 08.26.2022 - 09.08.2022

    Hello and welcome to the color challenge! This challenge will run from 08.26.2022 - 09.08.2022. CHALLENGE RULES: You must use at least 3 of the challenge colors on your page. Upload your page to Anna's Gallery by Thursday, September 8th, 2022 (5pm EST), with AnnaColor in the title and post...
  11. AnnaColour-Challenge-08.05-08.25.2022


    Poppies growing wildly in the ditch along side a busy road are always a delightful sight.
  12. AnnaColor - Fall

    AnnaColor - Fall

    I started with the solid paper no.1. Used the artsy transfers no.1 and no.4, deleted and changed the placement, size and order of a few layers. Picked a fotoblenz to blend my picture and made several copies of the photo to achieve my goal. My photo is free on Pexels and it was treated with a...
  13. Simply Leaves

    Simply Leaves

    For the AnnaColor Challenge 8-5-22
  14. AnnaColor 07.22.2022 - 08.04.2022 - By The Sea

    AnnaColor 07.22.2022 - 08.04.2022 - By The Sea

    I started with a plain paper and added the sky transfers, I used one and some elements of a second one. Then I picked a fotoblenz mask and put it on place for my photo. I used a 12x12 page photo blenz to clip a texture paper to my page. The elements and background paper are all form the APP...
  15. Peace Within - AnnaColor Challenge 7-22-22

    Peace Within - AnnaColor Challenge 7-22-22

    Sky above . Earth below . Peace within
  16. Anna Color - 07.08.2022 - 07.21.2022

    Anna Color - 07.08.2022 - 07.21.2022

  17. Charming Adventures

    Charming Adventures

    Created for the Annacolor Challenge 07.08.2022 – 07.21.2022
  18. Behind the Barn _ AnnaColor

    Behind the Barn _ AnnaColor

    For the Anna Color Challenge 6_24_22 Quote reads: I was so naive as a kid I used to sneak behind the barn and do nothing. -Johnny Carson
  19. AnnaColor : Focus On The Drama

    AnnaColor : Focus On The Drama

    Created For The AnnaColor Challenge : 05.27.2022 - 06.09.2022 I'm loving this color challenge...I chose all 4 colors for my layout... The "Ballet Dancer" is both my "Star" & my muse for this layout...& with a flair for the "Dramatic"...She Is "Strong" Poised & Beautiful!...
  20. Anna Color Challenge - Fabulous Memories

    Anna Color Challenge - Fabulous Memories

    AnnaColor Challenge 5-27-2022 – 6-9-2022