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  1. AnnaLift - Stories

    AnnaLift - Stories

    I started my layout with two of the artsy transfers, disable some layers and turned everything into a single artsy transfer. I picked a fotoblenz to clip my photo but didn´t used the frame. To embellish my layout I used one multimedia flower and add one word art. I used a photo from Michelle...
  2. AnnaLift Challenge 07.08.22-07.22.22

    AnnaLift Challenge 07.08.22-07.22.22

  3. AnnaLift : Art My Way

    AnnaLift : Art My Way

    Created For The "AnnaLift" Challenge : 06/10/22 - 06/24/2022 : Layout To Lift : Yellow By Sylvia : Link : Yellow by Sylvia Great! layout Inspiration!!!...I am always a fan of Bold! color!!!...Perfect opportunity To take advantage of this idea/theme...I wanted to do something art graphic-y...or...
  4. AnnaLift Challenge 03.04.22 - 03.18.22

    AnnaLift Challenge 03.04.22 - 03.18.22

    For the AnnaLift Challenge 03.04.22 - 03.18.22 This are my grandparents, my father and me as a baby thanks for looking Backgroundpaper : Frozen, For the record, light textured naturel blended together Artsy Kardz : Frozen
  5. AnnaLift: Brr Frozen

    AnnaLift: Brr Frozen

  6. Cold Weather Friends

    Cold Weather Friends

    Done for the 2022 Feb 4-17 AnnaLift
  7. aA APP Cosmopolis - AnnaLift - Artsy Butterfly

    aA APP Cosmopolis - AnnaLift - Artsy Butterfly

    Playing along in the current AnnaLift challenge, just for fun Artplay Palette Cosmopolis (solid paper 5, LWs Artculture, Style, Cosmopolis) Artsy Transfers Cosmopolis (transfer 4) KrissKross Stitched Overlays No. 1 (overlay 2) MiniDots No. 2 (element 10) Distress Toolset No. 1 (element 9)...
  8. AnnaLift Challenge January 01.21.2022

    AnnaLift Challenge January 01.21.2022

    For the AnnaLift Challenge January 01.21.2022 This is my grandmother and my great grandfather, it most have been around 1912-1914 APP Evanisch APP Natural instinct Framed mask N°5 Nostalgia wordart thanks for looking