anna aspnes art play palette

  1. Maggie


    My Aunt Maggie. I always think she looks so happy around this time in her life, she married 23 months after this and I don't think I have seen another photograph of her looking as happy as she did at this time. No shade to her husband, I have no idea if it was a happy marriage or not - no one to...
  2. AnnaLift - Love Of Your Life

    AnnaLift - Love Of Your Life

    It's so hard to understand that in a couple of weeks, these photos will be 26 years old. I can still smell the baby smell if I close my eyes. Time flies ...
  3. Cooper's Hawk

    Cooper's Hawk

    Early in the morning, while outside on the patio, my daughter points and says, "I see a big bird in the tree." I rush inside to get my camera, and was able to capture the moment. My best photo was where he was practicing a mean stance. Construction: I used ArtPlay Palette Plage Solid Paper #2...