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  1. aA Vintage - Hard Times

    aA Vintage - Hard Times

    Image and vintage docs provided by a friend. Window from Karen Schultz Designs (Winter’s Frost) Artplay Palette Archive (artsy paper 2, brush 10, LW One Archives) Scenic Layered Template Album No. 1 (template 8) Paper Textures No. 3 (texture 6) Paper Textures No. 9 (textures 5 and 9) Created...
  2. aA APP Coolth - Mermaid

    aA APP Coolth - Mermaid

    Mermaid image from pngegg.com Artplay Coolth Collection – (on sale for a limited time) Artplay Palette Coolth (artsy paper 4, transfer 6, silver paint 2) Tissue Textures No. 5 (texture 1) Paper Textures No. 9 (textures 2, 9 and 10) Sea Sprinklez No. 1 (#3) Water Drops No. 4 (droplets 8) 12x12...
  3. memories


    This is my father-in-law, in his early childhood on the back of the vespa (I think) with his father. I used stuff from different artplay palettes APP Evanisch APP Lorn mini APP De Facto Framed mask 6 Wordart Memories