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  1. Boho to the Core

    Boho to the Core

    An art journal page about my new direction in home decor. Daddy may not approve of the new look I give that upstairs bedroom or my new creative space when I get there but I suspect he will adapt to it! Journaling reads: What’s my style? Traditional? Modern? Contemporary? None of those styles...
  2. 80s Hair

    80s Hair

    September Color Play
  3. Me and Gadget

    Me and Gadget

    Credits: Rachel Jefferies/Lynn Grieveson "New Connections" I edited the photo to be a duo tone, and then I used blending techniques to blend the background of dots into the photo.
  4. A time of change

    A time of change

    Two photos taken less than a year apart, but feel like different people :-0
  5. I made a home

    I made a home

    This one's dedicated to all those mothers who made a safe and secure home despite the odds ;-)