1. Looking .... good?

    Looking .... good?

    I am not one of those people who can carry off hats ;-)
  2. Don't be deceived

    Don't be deceived

    It's not as easy as it looks .... ;-)
  3. Mixed blessings (My Twenties)

    Mixed blessings (My Twenties)

    They say youth is wasted on the young, and I often feel that. But I probably have more energy and less pain than I did then (phew!). I do miss the sense of excitement, discovery and possibility. Everything seems more finite now. But I don't miss the angst ;-)
  4. These Knees

    These Knees

    Background: paper 07 in Multiply mode over paper 12 in Linear Burn mode over paper 18. I used two of the collection's photo clusters and tucked various elements and paint over and under.
  5. Weird Kid

    Weird Kid

    Me singing to our chickens. They all died sadly. Could well have been the singing ...
  6. Hello it's me

    Hello it's me

    Rediscovering myself during a difficult time
  7. Narcissists


    'Nuff said ;-)
  8. Sweden


    Me bundled up and shivering in Sweden, just before a period of great change ...
  9. Not yet

    Not yet

    I see lots of very cool women my age rocking the grey (especially post lockdown) so I am really tempted to get some cool 'statement glasses' and ditch the dye ... but maybe not yet ;-)
  10. My Choice

    My Choice

    Reflecting on my decision to move cities
  11. Here I Am

    Here I Am

    Not sure what I was thinking when my friend took this pic, but am feeling the mood ;-)
  12. Should be stressed

    Should be stressed

    A lot going on!
  13. Holly Hobbie

    Holly Hobbie

    Me in the 'Holly Hobbie' style clothes my mum sewed for me :-)