#52 inspirations

  1. SurvivalJuice.jpg


  2. Cozy.jpg


    Challenge # 4 - template
  3. 52 Inspirations Autumn Comfort: A Warm Drink

    52 Inspirations Autumn Comfort: A Warm Drink

    52 Inspirations No 42 Autumn Comfort: A Warm Drink by Mixed Media by Erin is new in the Oscraps store. Picture from Pixabay
  4. 52 Inspirations flutterbees

    52 Inspirations flutterbees

    Created with 52 Inspirations Flutterbees by mixed media by erin.
  5. Faded Elegance DayDream - 52-2023 copy.jpg

    Faded Elegance DayDream - 52-2023 copy.jpg

    August Challenge #6 - 52 Inspirations https://oscraps.com/community/threads/august-challenge-6-52-inspirations.38106/#post-672751 52-2023 Inspiration No23 Faded Elegance by Daydream Designs- Photo of Hubby and I in Athens, Greece
  6. papillons


    Papillons (three) by Joyful Heart designs Color Play Snapshot Element Pack Series 1 by Joanne Brisebois 52 Inspirations 2023 No 05 Words of Advice Scrapbook Titles by Lynne Anzelc Designs Picture by me thanks for looking
  7. bees on lavender

    bees on lavender

    I use this gorgeous template by Joanne Brisebois
  8. Challenge 7 Word Art.jpg

    Challenge 7 Word Art.jpg

  9. You make my heart sing

    You make my heart sing

    52 Inspirations 2023 No 26 You Make My Heart Sing Kit by Lorie Davison Picture pixabay thanks for looking
  10. Summer colors for Ona

    Summer colors for Ona

    Created with : "Slow Summer" & "52 inpirations 2016" by Vicki Stegall Picture of flowers is mine and the second picture by Laurie Blank (with her authorization)
  11. making-music.


    For the July Border challenge at Oscraps, join uw here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/july-challenge-2-border.37869/
  12. Momma's-O-challenge.jpg


    For the Vicki Stegall Designs [ Momma O's ] June 2023 Challenge 52 Inspirations 2020 No 28 Beach Vibes kit by Vicki Stegall Breathe Digital Scrapbook Page Kit Family Affair Digital Scrapbook Elements Thanks for looking
  13. fairytaile


    Papillons backgroundpaper by Joyful Heart Designs Overlays by Natali design : dreams , seasons change, simply 52 inspirations 2023 no 10 Captured Beauty add on by Emeto Designs 52 inspirations 2023 no 5 words of advice scrapbook titles by Lynne Anzelc Designs Picture by me Thanks for looking
  14. It Can't Get Any Better Than This

    It Can't Get Any Better Than This

    Created for the June 52 Inspirations Challenge. I used 4 different designers to create my page. I made the background by blending two different papers together, to get the shade I wanted. The 4 different 52 Inspirations i used were: 52 Inspirations 52 Inspirations 2022 No 26 Feather Flight...
  15. Summer colors for Melissa

    Summer colors for Melissa

    Using "52 inspirations 2021" with Vicki Stegall + Tina Designs + Simplette +BlueFlowerArt Picture Pixabay
  16. Inspiration N°1

    Inspiration N°1

    Créé avec les collections "52 inspirations" 2016 + 2021 +2023 Temps de rêve d'image
  17. challenge 1

    challenge 1

    For the June challenge 52 inspirations This picture i made from a communion session. Used with permission. 52 Inspirations 2017 No 09 Clarity Mini Kit by Lynn Grieveson 52 Inspirations 2023 no 14 Digital Scrapbook Grungy Bits and Bobs 01 by ConnectionKeeping 52 Inspirations 2023 No 12 Words on...
  18. Challenge #1 52 Inspirations.jpg

    Challenge #1 52 Inspirations.jpg

  19. new avi

    new avi

    I saw it was time to use a summer photo for my new avatar. My husband took this photo of me during our vacation in Texel a few weeks ago. 52 Inspirations 2023 No 05 Words of Advice Scrapbook Titles by Lynne Anzelc Designs Flower Arrangements by itKuPiLLi imagenarium Botticelli Blue by itKuPiLLi...
  20. tag-you're-it


    For the June Vicki Stegall designs challenge at Oscraps, we are creating tags, you are welcome to play along here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/vicki-stegall-designs-momma-os-june-2023-challenge.37626/