16th birthday party

  1. Birthday March 16

    Birthday March 16

  2. 16 Reasons

    16 Reasons

    Done for Day 3 of the 16th Birthday Party found here: https://oscraps.com/community/threads/day-3-june-13-number-16-challenge.35718/
  3. La-la-la-la Lola

    La-la-la-la Lola

    DAY 1 JUNE 11 - SCRAPLIFT | CHALLENGE My mum’s dog enjoys parties & she is now my stand in for all offical photos, including birthdays. Btw her name is Lola. From the kinks song, much loved by my family. My first Oscraps page was my first ever Challenge anywhere & the first I ever uploaded...
  4. Abundantly Blessed

    Abundantly Blessed

    Done for Day 1 Scraplift 16th Birthday Celebration at OScraps Journaling reads: After losing my husband and their father 2 months earlier, it was wonderful to spend time with my daughters as we consoled one another in our grieving. It made my birthday a lot brighter than spending it alone.
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    O'Scraps 16th Birthday Celebration Avatar


    DAY 1 JUNE 11 - SCRAPLIFT | CHALLENGE https://oscraps.com/community/threads/day-1-june-11-scraplift-challenge.35581/#post-629123
  7. BE 80 Birthday With Love MLDesigns copy.jpg

    BE 80 Birthday With Love MLDesigns copy.jpg

    OS Birthday Bash - Day 1 - Scraplift Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/day-1-june-11-scraplift-challenge.35581/ Lifting 'Most Important Thing in My Life' by Bright Eyes https://oscraps.com/community/media/most-important-thing-in-my-life.270747/
  8. Scraplift Birthday challenge - Celebrate

    Scraplift Birthday challenge - Celebrate

  9. 16th Birthday Avatar.jpg

    16th Birthday Avatar.jpg

    Ready for the party and wearing a crown from Vicki Robinson Designs -Artful Expressions 04 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/digital-scrapbooking-mojo-rising-kit-artful-expressions-04-vicki-robinson.html Kit Background is from the gorgeous new mega collab "Boho Summer"
  10. 22-06_avi


    Pre-Party Birthday Avatar Challenge https://oscraps.com/community/threads/pre-party-birthday-avatar-challenge.35689/
  11. Birthday Avatar

    Birthday Avatar

    My cat, Sam, peeking at me around the curtain. 52 Inspirations Lynn Grieveson Crushing: Crushing Digital Scrapbooking Mini Kit by Lynn Grieveson at Oscraps Lynn Grieveson Make It Happy: Make It Happy Birthday Celebration Elements for Digital Scrapbooking and Cards (oscraps.com) Lynn Grieveson...