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  1. Hamer Lodge

    where else do you play?

    Hi there, I noticed a lot of our members 'play' or create on other forums, would anyone be happy to share which other sites you use? Also another cheeky question, is there a forum where you dont have to advertise which 'kits' you use to create your layout with? thank you in advance.
  2. Hamer Lodge

    Kelpie gals

    not sure if I am in the right forum, but just wanted to say that the Kelpie gals kit is exquisite....I wouldn't know where to start to create something where I could use this kit to its full potential as it needs creators with a very artistic and whimsical eye, but they are beautiful...just...
  3. Hamer Lodge

    software for doodling...

    Hi there, I would like to explore digital art journalling and to be able to draw my own sketches and faces and word art etc. Can I ask what software other use for this? I use a laptop for making my layouts and scrapbook pages but feel I might need to buy a tablet with a stylus? Would I then...
  4. Hamer Lodge

    missing new posts?

    Hi there, If I click on new layouts when I log on to the gallery, will I get all the new layouts? Is this the correct procedure? I think I may be missing some of the layouts....thanks Debra
  5. Hamer Lodge

    Vicki Robinson Artful Expressions #4 Mojo Rising Kit

    Hi there, Is there a Vicki Robinson Artful Expressions #4 Mojo Rising Kit to purchase on its own or is it just included in the Artful Expressions Bundle? thank you!
  6. Hamer Lodge

    52 Inspirations help

    Hi there, I am thinking of subscribing to the 52 Inspirations package. My question is can I still enter all the monthly challenges (not the designer challenges) if I am only receiving products by one designer? As much as I love Vicki Stegalls products, I don't want to be tied to only one...
  7. Hamer Lodge

    New/Old member

    I first became a member here around 20 years ago (I think), during this time life has gotten in the way but I find myself coming back to this group off and on over the years. Armed with a new digital camera and a free editing software CD from a computing magazine I posted my first scrapbook...