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  1. Jasper Oscraps.jpg

    Jasper Oscraps.jpg

    Introducing my most precious grandson Jasper Monty Hearne born on the 11th March :)
  2. tansy

    AnnaLift Challenge 02.18.2022 - 03.04.2022

    T hanks for the inspiration Applechick :)
  3. Anna Lift - Peace.jpg

    Anna Lift - Peace.jpg

    I was inspired by lots of things hehe, love the contrast between light and dark and the glows too :-)
  4. tansy

    AnnaColor Challenge 02.18.2022 - 03.03.2022

    I always love these color challenges!
  5. Anna Color Challenge - Life is Beautiful Low Res.jpg

    Anna Color Challenge - Life is Beautiful Low Res.jpg

    I just LOVE beautiful flowers!
  6. Salute.jpg


    Ok so it might have been quite a while since I last posted (ummm 2 years!) but I had an urge and this is the result. Love this photo of a friends little girl......never lose your inner child!
  7. Got the Shot

    Got the Shot

    Absolutely love this photo of our great nephew Mason, so cute!
  8. Making Sausage Rolls

    Making Sausage Rolls

    History repeating itself!
  9. Beautiful Evie

    Beautiful Evie

    Sometimes a picture grabs me and I have to jump on the laptop and create a layout......
  10. Rose


    Having another play
  11. tansy

    April 2019 Standing O's

    Thank you Veer, that has cheered me up! :-)
  12. Awesome Door

    Awesome Door

    I have a weird fascination with unusual doors and absolutely love this one. I have no idea where it is but think it's awesome!
  13. tansy

    AnnaColor Challenge 04.26.2019 - 05.09.2019

    Thanks for the challenge Adryane....
  14. Anna Color Challenge - Moments

    Anna Color Challenge - Moments

    Had the urge to dip in and do a Color Challenge. Shocked to see that the last time I logged on was in June last year!! My grandma and her sisters having a moment and a gossip....
  15. tansy

    AnnaColor Challenge 06.22.2018 - 07.05.2018

    Such pretty colours!
  16. Anna Color Challenge - Perfect

    Anna Color Challenge - Perfect

    Oh my it's been a very long time since I posted on here! All Anna Aspnes products used
  17. Milsons Point

    Milsons Point

    Oh my goodness it's been a very long time since I posted a layout, this took me ages! We have just spent 2 weeks in Sydney for Christmas and a week in Kuala Lumpur for New Year and I now have a LOT of photos............ All Anna Aspnes products used
  18. Anna Color Challenge - Birdies

    Anna Color Challenge - Birdies

    Normally I will only use my own photos but couldn't resist this picture of such cute birds I found on Pinterest.... All Anna Aspnes products used.