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  1. gillie343

    Comment by 'gillie343' in media 'Charming Adventures'

    Very pretty, it deserves to be hung on a wall in a chic Paris apartment!
  2. gillie343

    AnnaLift Challenge 05.13.22 - 05.27.22

    Thank you for the challenge I really enjoyed this one.
  3. yellow bird AnnaLift

    yellow bird AnnaLift

    I loved the idea of peeking through the blind so I came across the Blooming Marvelous collection and found the exact images I was looking for.
  4. gillie343

    May Challenge #1 - Borders

    Thank you for this enjoyable challenge
  5. circus.jpg


    I had lots of fun making this border, it is something that I wouldn't usually do.
  6. gillie343

    May 2022 Challenge #6 - Seasonal

    Thank you for the challenge
  7. Lake District.jpg

    Lake District.jpg

    This image was taken in the springtime, we like to visit the Lake District round about this time. Sometimes when you are driving up towards the Lakes, the mountains have snow on the tops which is very atmospheric.
  8. gillie343

    May 2022 Challenge #2 - Color Palette

    Thank you for the challenge it gave me chance to use the beautiful watercolour Dandelion wishes by Emeto designs.
  9. dandelion


    Love them or hate them the Dandelion can be used to help health, in drinks, and food. So next time you spray on with weed killer think of the benefits that this plant can provide.
  10. gillie343

    Comment by 'gillie343' in media 'birds.jpg'

    Thank you
  11. gillie343

    May Challenge # 5 - Creative Techniques

    This was a great challenge, it certainly got the cogs working!
  12. birds.jpg


    I have thoroughly enjoyed this challenge, it is something different that does what it says challenges you. I started by using images from 'Hope', I used Vicki Stegals paper as my background layer, on top of that is a paper by Viva which I added a mask to and brought some of this image...
  13. gillie343

    May 2022 Challenge #7-Use It All

    Thank you for the challenge I enjoyed playing around with this download.
  14. J'adore.jpg


    I used all items from the download I have changed colours, I made a harlequin pattern which I clipped to the papercut then duplicated and rotated, which is framing the lady.
  15. gillie343

    March 2022 Challenge #1 - Copy Cat

    this is mine Scraplift Life Lesson
  16. challenge-1-learning.jpg


    The image Life Lesson attracted me to copy it.
  17. gillie343

    March 2022 Challenge #2 - One Word

    Thank you I enjoyed this challenge
  18. Star.jpg


    Enchanted castle
  19. gillie343

    Comment by 'gillie343' in media 'Challenge # white Space copy.jpg'

    I love this image, it reminds me a lot of the area where I live in the UK!