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  1. helenh

    Advice - scrapping on a MAC

    Hello my friends, thinking of switching to the Dark Side and using a Mac. Mac users ... what do you use?????? I am currently on PSE6. Thanks for all input and suggestions!
  2. helenh

    Have you seen ... Fei Fei Stuff!

    Shaui is the featured designer this month at the Artisan Notebook magazine! Check it out! HERE Congrats Shaui!
  3. helenh

    Live With Your Photos Before You Delete

    As you all know I love photography ... but I am quick to delete ones I believe are not good enough, only looking for the best. But sometimes we need to wait, or 'sleep on it' I sometimes tell myself. I came across this fabulous article and thought to share with my O Family here ...
  4. helenh

    Sue Cummings...you are da bomb!

    I just have to give a big shout out to my friend Sue. She is THE most considerate person when it comes to her designing! Sue always makes allowances for American to English (Aussie) spelling. Today I see she even recogniSed that we of English descent don't use the word "vacation" ...
  5. helenh

    Have you seen!

    This month's edition of the Artisan Notebook! Oscraps is the feature store! For your chance to win be sure to check out the monthly magazine and visit (digitalscrapbookartisanguild.com) for your chance to read and win GCs to Oscraps fabulous goodies! :peace:
  6. helenh

    How will you spoil/be spoilt this weekend!

    Mothers Day has just dawned in Australia. What other countries celebrate it this weekend? My children were soooooo excited they had to give me their school purchased stall items last evening! The day itself is overcast, cool and rain coming. Off to football for Hugh by 9am and then after some...
  7. helenh

    Aussie Birthday Challenge!

    My great mate Ona and I just had to come up with a challenge for this special birthday celebration! Have you seen it? Check out HERE Come along and use a whole bunch of freebies to disguise your Kenny Koala! :jaw: Intrigued? :bday come join the "O" party the Aussie way :aussieflag
  8. helenh

    Kiwi's please let us know....

    To all our dear Kiwi (New Zealand) friends ... please let us know you are okay. What true devastation. I send my well wishes to your beautiful country and all who have suffered in this quake.
  9. helenh

    fun new photo app

    So surfing around I came across this fab new app for Ipad and Itouch. It's called "sketch agent" and it allows you to import any photo or image and then with a swipe of your finger create it into a sketch. There are functions for saturation, hue and pressure. And best of all ... its FREE...
  10. helenh

    Great app for kids

    I just had to share this. I was downloading some Christmas apps for Katie (her itouch my ipad) cause she is SOOOOOOOOOOO excited and can't wait until we officially start proceedings on Wednesday. This app is called "call Santa" and it imitates calling Santa on Skype! It's brilliant. The...
  11. helenh

    Diane! Where are you? Iceberg ahead!

    Either I have had too many chardi's or Diane is on a sinking ship! :wave: What is with the upside down avi Diane???:boom: Hmmm ... what could this mean ladies ... :decision: anyone prepared to hazard a guess?:eyebrows:
  12. helenh

    calling all our NZ friends

    Hello Kathryn and other Kiwi's! I see Kathryn is in Wellington (but I believe the quake could be felt from there also!) I hope anyone on the south island is safe and loved ones are okay. Sending you very best wishes.
  13. helenh

    What a wOnderful mOnth

    To the many wonderful people who participated in Kat's August OStash challenge...... From the bottom of my heart thank you. The month has gone by and I cannot let it pass without sending out a huge thank you to Kat and all the participants of this months challenge. I have been humbled...
  14. helenh

    Can you believe it!

    Just to let you know I will be MIA until middle of next week. My DH works very hard and never holidays with his own business, but finally - and rather suddenly - we are going away for a few days. :faint: I will try and pop in but unsure of Internet connection. To say I am excited for...
  15. helenh

    Happy Birthday Valicious!

    That rebel girl in Iceland will be celebrating her birthday in a couple of days. Happy Birthday Val!!! Her DH is packing her off to Paris for the week to party with friends and family. Val...you are simply the best. You are a wonderful friend, super fun, inspirational photographer and a...