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  1. Sexy__Eyes

    Where's Romy?

    Her last post on facebook was at the end of February.
  2. Sexy__Eyes

    Happy Birthday, taxed4ever

    Happy birthday.
  3. I-Love


    For Arts Sake March Collab
  4. Sexy__Eyes

    April 2017 Standing O´s

    Thank you so much...you made me smile today.
  5. Sexy__Eyes

    Challenge #1 Lyrics - April 2017

    Here is mine. Although my mom has passed, she was so happy the day I took her to see the beautiful flowers in the Arboretum. Every Mother's Day, I spend some time in the same arboretum thinking of her.
  6. Remember-Me


    Time To Renew by Vicki Robinson
  7. Play-Ball2


    Grasshopper Hunt Mini Kit by SoMa Designs
  8. Sexy__Eyes

    Challenge #6 White Space - April 2017

    I love white space!
  9. Milestone3


    Urban Script Brushes by NBK Designs Wildflowers Art Flowers by NBK Designs ArtPlay Palette Mini Milestone by Anna Aspnes
  10. Sexy__Eyes

    Comment by 'Sexy__Eyes' in media 'Twice'

    They are our friends twins. So adorable.
  11. Twice


    I Heart You by Pinkado
  12. Sexy__Eyes

    Comment by 'Sexy__Eyes' in media 'To-Be-11-Again'

    Fun fact: you got the Santa part right...dh plays Santa for my Christmas Photography Sessions.
  13. Jamaica


    ArtPlay Palette Swell Watercolor Fotoblendz No 6 Urban Stitches No 10 and 11
  14. To-Be-11-Again


    Posh Collab
  15. 50th-Birthday


    Family Oscraps Collab
  16. Sexy__Eyes

    Comment by 'Sexy__Eyes' in media 'She-Said-Yes'

    No offense taken. I wasn't sure what to add with such a busy background that wouldn't take away from the subject. :)
  17. She-Said-Yes


    Dandelion Dreams by Dido Designs Match Collab For Arts Sake