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  1. LaurieW

    Gyms and Fitness Clubs

    HOpe you are social distancing in the pool. We need you O'Fairy!!
  2. LaurieW

    Daily Ooo's: Friday, March 20

    Hello my O friends and Happy Birthday to the O!! It has been forever since I have posted. Being as I work in health care I am still working despite most things being shut down. I am grateful to have my job right now. Also grateful that my employer is interested in keeping us working, both on...
  3. LaurieW

    Comment by 'LaurieW' in media 'Bloom & Share Hope'

    Love the photo and how it pairs with Maya's kits!
  4. LaurieW

    March posting challenge

    I am starting at 20,536. Given my track record of being too busy to stop by, I think my goal will be 20600 for March!!
  5. Laurie Bday Avatar

    Laurie Bday Avatar

    From my 47th birthday, which nicely reversed to 74 when viewed from the opposite side!
  6. ocean


    I long to return to the ocean. Maya de Groot - Reef is... https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Reef-Is-....html Ocean is... https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Ocean-is-...html Vicki Stegall Designs Let's play no. 7 https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Lets-Play-no-7-Flowers.html
  7. spring


    Love how fast my layout went together with Maya's new template! I saw this plant down the hill by the sidewalk and asked a landscape specialist what it was. Her answer had me in stitches. All Maya deGroot Backpakers set 1 http://www.oscraps.com/shop/BackPackers-Set-1.html Not so...
  8. LaurieW

    Comment by 'LaurieW' in media 'LoveLetters'

    Beautiful and I love your process!
  9. LaurieW

    Comment by 'LaurieW' in media 'Discovering San Jose'

    Great discovery and I love the art journal type design!
  10. LaurieW

    52 Inspirations Challenge - January 2017

    Here is mine!
  11. 2017


    This year I aim to take more iphone photos. I also have chosen create as my one little word. Enjoying getting back into scrapping. 52 Inspirations will help with this! http://www.oscraps.com/shop/52-and-Friends-for-52-Inspirations-2017-SUBSCRIPTION.html
  12. LaurieW

    Comment by 'LaurieW' in media 'MdGroot_LoveLetters1'

    love your blending!
  13. LaurieW

    Comment by 'LaurieW' in media 'Love Letters'

    simply beautiful!!
  14. LaurieW

    Comment by 'LaurieW' in media 'You & Me forever together'

    Love the large photo - looks like the 70's in which case forever together is perfect!
  15. LaurieW

    Comment by 'LaurieW' in media 'You & Me'

    Love the use of masks and stamps!
  16. LaurieW

    Comment by 'LaurieW' in media 'abigail- love you'

    love your blending!
  17. together forever

    together forever

    Perfect kit to use on my son's engagement photos! Maya de Groot Love Letters http://www.oscraps.com/shop/LoveLetters.html
  18. LaurieW

    Who besides me is excited about 52 inspirations 2017?

    Wow - I just read my email about all that is happening with 52 inspirations this year and cannot wait to join!! I first found out about Oscraps through the 52 inspirations. Are you excited too?
  19. LaurieW

    Water, water, water....

    I measure out how much water I want to drink throughout the day- 2 of my big glass bottle. I prefer room temp water and drinking through a straw. I try to empty the bottle one time before lunch and second time before bed. I may not always drink as much as I want, however I am more consistent.
  20. LaurieW

    Challenge #6 - COLOR

    I can see it now!!