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  1. I Believe

    I Believe

    I love this little Santa so much!! He has to have white space since he's out in all that snow ;) The amazing and gorgeous I Believe kit + BONUS by Courtneys Designs: https://www.oscraps.com/shop/Believe-BONUS.html
  2. Best of My Life

    Best of My Life

    A little inspirational wall art using the gorgeous Make It Count kit by Courtney's Designs http://www.oscraps.com/shop/Make-it-Count-Bundle.html
  3. dlhoffer

    HellO! New designer!

    YAY!! Welcome Chantal!! Your shop is full of gorgeous goodies!!
  4. dlhoffer

    YAY! I'm Back! Save 50% through Nov. 15th!

    We are so excited you're back too, Joyce!!! Awesome sale!! :whoo:
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    Comment by 'dlhoffer' in media 'Following your path!'

    This is just incredibly gorgeous! LOVE IT!!
  6. dlhoffer

    Comment by 'dlhoffer' in media 'Let_it_be_'

    Just beautiful Trudy! LOVE how you did the title!
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    Comment by 'dlhoffer' in media 'Vespa'

  8. dlhoffer

    Comment by 'dlhoffer' in media 'Celebrate..'

    Congratulations Marleen!! Gorgeous page to celebrate with and I look forward to seeing your next 1,000 pages :)
  9. Light It Up

    Light It Up

    That's how I 'light up' my darkness - Open a book! I added a lighting effect to the background to make the 'glow' coming from the book. Credits: All Dido Designs at Oscraps {light it up} notion set http://www.oscraps.com/shop/-light-it-up-notionSet.html Book, flowers, and monogram...
  10. dlhoffer

    Re-intro from Denmark

    It's great to see you back! Welcome!
  11. dlhoffer

    Sea Shanties Collection and Super CU Deals!

    This is beautiful, Mariella!! Makes me wish I lived by the sea instead of on the prairie! HA!
  12. dlhoffer

    shop upgrade/new look - Monday, July 13, 2015

    It looks AMAZING!! Well done, Vicki!!!! Now you should take a well-deserved wine break :partywine
  13. dlhoffer

    shop upgrade/new look - Monday, July 13, 2015

    So exciting!! Fingers crossed it all goes smoothly!!
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    Comment by 'dlhoffer' in media 'Happy'

    This is gorgeous Eszter! And the whole page has such a peaceful feeling - Love it!!
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    Comment by 'dlhoffer' in media 'Summer picnic'

    What a fabulous vintage photo! Love those old cars too, and the sunny background you added sets them off perfectly!!
  16. dlhoffer

    Comment by 'dlhoffer' in media 'Free As a Bird'

    This is gorgeous! Fabulous interpretation of the challenge!
  17. dlhoffer

    Happy birthday Vera!

    Happy Birthday Vera!!! Hope your day is fantabulous!!!
  18. dlhoffer

    July Standing O!

    Thanks so much Sabine! I had a great time making that page. Diane your page is stunning!! So sorry for your loss (((HUGS)))
  19. dlhoffer

    Comment by 'dlhoffer' in media 'Life is better on the beach'

    Wow! I love the photo treatment here! Just gorgeous!!
  20. Now You See Me?

    Now You See Me?

    When I opened up this gorgeous kit by Romy, I was so struck by the idea that what we are able to see isn't always the 'whole picture'. The self we present for the world to see isn't always the real us and can be at times just a mask we create. I wanted to reflect that concept in my layout...