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  1. Aussiekat

    Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, September 6

    Morning! Just a quick stop by this morning -- gotta get my workout in, have breakfast, shower, and then wait for the plumbing contractor. After saying they'd be here yesterday between 12 and 4 ... then oh, sorry, it's a holiday (duh) and we're double-booked, so 3 to 7 pm and you're the last...
  2. Aussiekat

    Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, June 1

    Welcome to ... June?! :confused: Dang, those first five months flew by! Just a quick "Hey!" from me as I'm out the door with Stan to get to the two-week post-op appointment with his oral surgeon. Who the heck booked an 8:15 am appointment in an area that's right in the middle of three major...
  3. Aussiekat

    Daily Ooo's: Friday, May 27

    :bliss: I'm first! I'm first! I beat Chris to the boards! *sigh* My day is now complete. Goodbye.
  4. Aussiekat

    Daily Ooo's: Monday, April 11

    Chris?! Oh Chris, come out, come out, where ever you are ;) Wow, surprised that I'm the first one here today since it's almost lunchtime! Had an off-site meeting this morning so now I'm back at the office. Oh, hang on, Chris is this the day you get your line taken out??? :bliss: Managed...
  5. Aussiekat

    Challenge #1 - Lyrics - April 2016

    Hi everyone - and welcome to ... April? How did that happen?! Did you have fun with our birthday celebrations last month? We're continuing with our monthly challenges and that brings me here as your host for our lyrics challenge. What is a lyric? Usually it's the words of a song or poem...
  6. Aussiekat

    Daily Ooo's: Friday, March 25

    Ssssh, everyone else is sleeping ;) Let me see ... unless Chris is up at 3 a.m., I think I've beaten her to the punch today ... since it's the middle of the afternoon on Friday in Australia! It's like talking from the future, since I'm 10-15 hours ahead of most of the US right now :loco...
  7. Aussiekat

    Daily Ooo's: Friday (YAY!), January 29

    ??? I beat Chris to the forums this morning?! Cool! Well, just a quick post from me, but wanted to you all know that mystery noise in Stan's room ... mystery solved!! A bug. A little bug!! LOL Said bug had got itself caught up in some dust inside Stan's floor lamp, so it was buzzing...
  8. Aussiekat

    Anyone - PL in 2016?

    Just wondering, anyone doing PL in 2016? I know for many this is a more "traditional" pocket-style of scrapping ... but I also know the creative souls here at the O, and that many of us can take things to that 'next level' and still record daily, weekly or monthly moments. I'm thinking of...
  9. Aussiekat

    Daily Ooo's: Thursday, December 31

    He he he ... I'm the first one here today? *** waving at Chris, as I'm sure she'll be right here ;) *** So, happy New Year's Eve everyone! Do you have plans to ring in 2016? Me? Nope. Nothing. Well, that's not exactly true, I guess - Michigan State plays tonight for a chance to grab a spot...
  10. Aussiekat

    Happy Holidays!

    Happy holidays, everyone! Hope you get to spend today with those closest to you. We're done with breakfast and gift-giving ... my boys know me so well. They know I LOVE anything Minions (coworkers gave me coffee mugs and a pencil case/tin) ... but they also "get" my sense of humor. Minion...
  11. Aussiekat

    December Posting Challenge

    Okay, so who likes to chat?! Me, obviously - set myself a goal of 50 posts ... then it became 100 (gee, thanks Chris) ... and I ended up last month with 205 posts between the forum and gallery. Sheesh, I need a chatterbox smiley ... :blah: How did everyone do with their chatty goals in...
  12. Aussiekat

    Dec. Challenge #2 - Typography

    Hi everyone! Welcome to this month's typography challenge! Go easy with me, okay - it's my first here at the 'O'. ;) When I was thinking about what to do for this month's challenge, I wanted something that would push my own boundaries, too, and then it hit me: page titles! I struggle with...
  13. Aussiekat

    Daily Ooo's: November 14 and 15

    So, while Chris is visiting with family, I thought I'd sneak in and start a Daily Ooo's thread for the weekend. Yeah, I know, TWO days at once ;) How is everyone's weekend going? Hubby had CNN on a lot yesterday, so we keep getting updates on the state of affairs in France. So sad. Right...
  14. Aussiekat


    To all the ladies in France, hope you are all safe and sound - your family and friends, too. What a sad way to end this day, so tragic.
  15. Aussiekat

    Happy Veterans Day

    Happy Veterans Day and thank you to all of you that are serving or have served, or those who have family members that are in the military. My Dad was in the Australian Air Force, and my hubby is retired US Army ... strong military ties in my family.
  16. Aussiekat

    Can't Believe It ...

    *sigh* today I officially feel older - well, older than I did yesterday. Nope, not my birthday ... my son turns 21 today. Eeek! Of course, in true parent style, I just HAD to post a slightly embarrassing picture of him all over Facebook ... and tag him in it ;)
  17. Aussiekat

    Hi from Virginia

    Okay, so twist my arm ;) I got a shout out from Liz to show my head here (secretly, I've been lurking for a while ;) ) ... so, hey!!! :wave: I see a lot of familiar faces here, so unless they say I'm totally awesome, don't believe a word they say.