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  1. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Precious memories'

    OMG- this is AWESOME!!!!! The pictures are so adorable- love the hat you added, and the design and colors are amazing!!!!!! How in the world do you DO this? Off to vomit.....
  2. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Vintage collage'

    OMG!!!! Another masterpiece by the one and ONLY Senior Monkey!!!!!! This is stunningly beautiful...I could stare at it for hours!!! Love the vintage pics you used, and the colors are gorgeous!!!!! LOVE THIS!!!!!
  3. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'little girls'

    Ohhhhh...another challenge with YOUR name written ALL OVER IT!!!!!!! All right, I will still check it out..... Love this page- I totally agree with the word art!!!! Awesome clean design and colors too!!!!!!
  4. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Vacation'

    Absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!! The picture, journaling, and design are BREATHTAKING!!!!!!! One of my faves!!!!!!
  5. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'ANZAC - freedom'

    Ummm....WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the precious and powerful picture of Katie- I'm sure her Great Grandfather is looking down smiling upon this!!! The sepia tint is just PERFECT, and the template is awesome!!!!
  6. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Live for today'

    This is AWESOME!!!!! I adore that picture...no surprise!!!!!!!!!!!!! I also really like the stacked frames and journaling!!!!! All around GREAT page!!!!!
  7. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Angels can fly'

    Yep, I'm going to have to say it too- AMAZING!!!!!!!!!! WOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!! One of my faves by you!!!! Love the BEAUTIFUL picture with the added wings and sepia tone- STUNNING!!!!!!!! I also love the blurred edges...how did you do that?
  8. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Enjoy - Mother's Day 08'

    THis is precious!!!! I love each picture...especially the one of Den and Monster!!!!! Looks like you had a sweet Mother's Day! Love this!!!!
  9. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Egypt 1994'

    Wow!!!! How cool is this?! Love the pictures and design....gosh, what a memorable trip that must have been!!!!!
  10. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Zimbabwe 1993'

    WHAT?!?! Did I read that you weren't happy with the photo?? Are you INSANE??? Well, yes- you ARE!!!! This layout is breathtaking- pictures included!!!!! DAG!
  11. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Kenya 1993'

    Absolutely STUNNING!!!!!!!! The pics, design, everything!!!!!!!!
  12. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Dare to dream'

    Awesome word art, PICTURE, and overlay (which is now my new favorite, thanks to you!) This page is remarkable!!!!
  13. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'You helped me to grow'

    Oh my gosh, this is soooooo very sweet!!!!! I love all of the pictures- there you go again!!!! Yes, these papers are beautiful..as is your design!!!!
  14. Redneck Wish

    Redneck Wish

    My daughter playing at the KOA camp ground in New Mexico last Summer, while visiting her dad's job site. She thought the trailer park was the coolest thing ever. A couple of days later, we took her to Amarillo, Texas and she was so excited to see a Wal Mart!!! So, she wished upon a dandelion...
  15. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'What's going on??'

    Too cute!!! Love his expression- perfect for the title!!! Beautiful layout too!!!! You know, I would rather see him facing the camera....*I* miss seeing his ADORABLE ears- in all of their glory!!!!!
  16. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'Love is an act of endless forgiveness'

    Gosh, this is just sooooo sweet!!!! I loved reading the description here, as well as reading the quote on the layout. Love the picture- have I mentioned how much I think Katie looks like him? Wow!!! Fabulous design...and PAPERS..too!!!!! I just love this entire page!!!!!
  17. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'If there is a heaven .....'

    Amen. What a striking picture, cool torn paper, and I love that window!!!!!! Perfect quote too!!!!! Dag!
  18. Jessica's Birthday page 2

    Jessica's Birthday page 2

    My daughter celebrating her fifth birthday. The quote reads: "Today you are you, that is truer than true There is no one alive that is youer than you" Dr. Suess "My Birthday" kit by Ashalee Wall "A Year to Remember" date stamp by Scrap Girls Silver...
  19. Jessica's Birthday page 1

    Jessica's Birthday page 1

    My daughter celebrating her fifth birthday. My Birthday kit by Ashalee Wall
  20. mosbarger

    Comment by 'mosbarger' in media 'dreams'

    This is stunning!!!! Love the way you extracted this adorable photo, and the box is awesome!!!!!!!