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  1. tjscraps

    You have 5 minutes ...

    Someone texts/calls and says they're almost at your home, unexpected. How do you spend that 5 minutes??? Me - I'm throwing dishes in the dishwasher and probably swishing the toilet on the main floor so it's fresh. If there's time I'll put away coats and shoes at the door so that they don't...
  2. tjscraps

    What do you do that’s stereotypical?

    I thought of this last night when I climbed into our (outdoor) hot tub, that this is probably something only Canadians would do (besides say Sorry a lot)… The temp: The activity: What do you do that is not weird to you but might be to others? Lol
  3. tjscraps

    macOS Monterey?

    Any Mac users upgrade yet? Any problems or huge benefits if you did? I always give it a bit before I update, so wondering how it's gone for others lol
  4. tjscraps

    Am I evil? Or just fun? :)

    I bought these prank postcards from Amazon, I figured it would be fun to mail them randomly to people and see if they could figure out who sent it. Well my first one was delivered, to one of my closest friends, and she is totally perplexed. She texted me to see if I knew who these people...
  5. tjscraps

    Ready? Or not?

    Do you feel like you're ready for Christmas, not ready or somewhere in between? I feel wholly unprepared for Christmas this year, work has been insane for about a month (during our usual slow time), so I've been working extra hours, and hubby's been sick, so I've been more of the default parent...
  6. tjscraps

    **WINNERS ANNOUNCED** Day 11 - This or That | GAME

    AND THE WINNERS ARE: $10 to Veronica Spriggs: @Adryane $5 to Palvinka Designs: @spenny Watch your private messages for your coupon! ***** PLEASE READ: This is the LAST GAME of the Christmas Event. You need to have participated in ALL of the games by 11.59pm PST 15th December 2021 to...
  7. tjscraps

    Favourite things party - ideas?

    Has anyone ever been to one of these? I'm invited to one on Friday, and I think it's a cool idea but I have no idea what to take! This is the idea: Each person brings 4 of the same item, wrapped. Max $15 value. 1 of the items goes on the grand prize table for one person to win, and the...
  8. tjscraps

    Have you ever travelled alone?

    My sister (lives in TN) decided on a whim to go to Dallas for the weekend, by herself. She was supposed to go with her hubby a few weeks ago but his aunt passed and they had the funeral, etc. so had to delay it, and then he had to go back to work. So she booked a flight Wednesday and went on...
  9. tjscraps

    What's your weather like right now?

    We are so unseasonably warm it is all everyone is talking about - we will get to about +12'C this week, which for November is fantastic (I live in Canada). Usually by now we have snow on the ground and we're typically -10 or so. What's it like where you are? Unseasonable (either way) or...
  10. tjscraps

    How do I add my location to my profile?

    I see this on a few people's profiles and I like hovering over to see where people are from, but I can't figure out how to add this. Mine: One with a location: Could anyone let me know how to do this? :)
  11. tjscraps

    What topic do you scrap about most?

    I am curious what topic people scrap about most - landscapes, flowers, buildings, people? I would say mine is 99.9% people in my family - I don't think they'll ever go back and look at my heaps of scrapbook pages, so I scrap for a creative outlet for myself but also like to scrapbook the...
  12. tjscraps

    Where do you do your scrapping?

    I'm always interested in where people do this crazy hobby of ours ... when I first started we only had a desktop computer (running WindowsXP lol), and then I got a laptop for work that I also used for scrapping so I migrated to the living room. In our old house It was the living room, on the...
  13. tjscraps

    Hello from Canada!

    Hey everyone! I have been around for a long time but am back after a long hiatus :) I'm Trina, aka tjscraps and you may have known me as slurpeegirl13 once upon a time in digiland. Excited to get to know you all!