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    TaylorMade Designs | Designer Spotlight March 13-22 **WINNERS ANNOUNCED**

    I love light. Especially sunlight. I love everything about it. I crave it. Without it, I feel like a different person. If it stays cloudy for more than a few days, I start to feel sluggish and down, but I am instantly revived when the clouds part and the sun shines bright. I also love what...
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    a taylormade "positive" challenge

    Time for another TaylorMade challenge and some new goodies to help get you going!! This week's challenge will be centered around "positive thoughts". I know, I know... a typical TaylorMade challenge, 9 times out of 10, involves journaling your feelings and emotions. and that tends to bring out...
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    a taylormade tutorial + challenge

    There's a lot going on at taylormade this week!!! We're starting off with a tutorial... plus a challenge to scrap with what you've learned... and to tie it all together, a social media contest with 2 prizes up for grabs! a taylormade tutorial extraction101 a taylormade challenge...
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    SPOTLIGHT :: taylormade designs :: October 11-17

    taylormade designs is in the spotlight! Your Challenge This Week life... in moderation The word "moderation" can be defined as balance, composure, patience, and mental calmness. i truly believe that these things can be acquired through 2 things... experience and the willingness to accept the...
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    taylormade+fei-fei's stuff... coming soon...

    eeeeeeeeeeeeee! i'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!! :peace:
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    A TaylorMade + Fei-Fei's Stuff Challenge!

    THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH for joining our template challenge!!! I hope you had a blast interviewing your loved ones because we sure did!!! And now for the winner of our Small Talk QP Album..... Congratulations Ann13!!!! Please wait for our PM and we will be sending you your Coupon to get the...
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    date noted... by taylormade

    Put some fun date stamps and word art in the shop tonight (errr... this morning... it's 4am! eeek! hahaha) Date Noted Word Art
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    25% OFF TaylorMade!

    Happy 4th everyone!! ;) Thought I would celebrate a bit by putting my whole shop on sale for 25% off!! NOW thru MONDAY July 6!!! Hope everyone has a safe and happy weekend!! :)
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    a new TaylorMade tutorial

    I have a new tutorial posted on my blog this week!! :) Don't you HATE that?? When you get a GREAT shot of your kids in a pool or a lake, but the water looks all gross? (Or maybe they're on some horrific-colored carpet or wearing a crazy colored shirt... this can work for that too!) In...
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    New Charmed Word Art by TaylorMade

    I hope everyone has had a WONDERFUL National Scrapbook Day!! I put some new word art in my shop at Oscraps tonight! :) Don't forget that everything is still on sale for NSD through tonight!!! :) Charmed :: Metal Word Art (handwritten by me. :) ) Have fun with the rest of your...
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    The NEW TaylorMade Creative Team!!!!

    Please help me in welcoming the NEW TaylorMade Creative Team!! Their talent is absolutely incredible and I am so very honored to have them join my team!! Be sure to stop by the Meet the Team page on the TaylorMade Blog to learn a little more about each of them, as well as see their...
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    Scotch Tape + QPs

    Lots of new goodies in the shop today!! :) I made some "digital" scotch tape and got several new Quick Page's by Therese Rydstrom!! >>> Take Me to the TaylorMade Shop!! <<< Clearly Stuck A Scrapper's Canvas No's 10, 11, & 12
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    need a few prayers

    hey girls... wanted to ask for some prayers if you don't mind. My husband's aunt went in to have a pacemaker put in the day before yesterday. From what we understand, during the surgery, her heart was somehow "nicked" (no one is sure how) and began some pretty heavy bleeding once she was...
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    New TaylorMade Quick Page Series

    Do you LOVE the look of the simplistic "white space" layout? Do you struggle with placement of elements or layering them just right? Or do you simply want a super quick way to make a beautiful layout? Well this is the Quick Page Series for you! I have teamed up with one of my Creative Team...
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    Shine Kit + A TaylorMade Challenge!!!

    The Christmas Season is all around us!! I absolutely love this time of year! I don't even mind the added stress and hustle and buslte that comes with it. :) There are SO many other things about it that just makes it all worth it. One silly little thing that I love is our Christmas Tree. We...
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    A new TaylorMade Kit + Holiday Cards! ;)

    Just released my latest kit yesterday! I made some "quick-page" holiday cards to go with it too! All just in time for Thanksgiving/Black Friday weekend! And it's ALL on sale!!! TaylorMade Shop SALE!!! :: Now through SUNDAY!!!! :: Subscribe to the TaylorMade Insider HERE...
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    Taylored Sketch No. 6

    Just put the latest sketch in the shop yesterday!!! :) These things are kind of addicting. hahaha. Taylored Sketch No. 6
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    TaylorMade + Fei-Fei's Stuff

    I FINALLY got the opportunity to team up with Shaui from Fei-Fei's Stuff!!! She has been amazing to work with and I'm so excited about what we've created together!! We designed a full kit and a coordinating Quick Page Album. Here's a peek!! In Retrospect Digital Kit Here are some sample...
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    Taylored Sketch No. 5

    Just popped a new Sketch Template in the shop last night! Taylored Sketch No. 5
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    New Sketch & Some Brushes!!

    Just put the Taylor Sketch No. 4 in the shop!! Also... From the Heart VOL II - Brushes and Stamps!!! :) ::Take me to the TaylorMade Shop!:: Taylored Sketch No. 4 From the Heart VOL II - Brushes & Stamps