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  1. madigirl

    The Architect and new Collage Papers

    I have 2 new products for you. an element pack and a paperpack both 40% off during the birthday sale!
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    Birthday Sale

    Celebrating my birthday with a sale!
  3. madigirl

    Birthday sale and new products

    I am celebrating my birthday this week, with all new products and a sale. Everything is 40% off, including the new releases. and this weeks 52 inspirations:
  4. madigirl

    June MiniO's Calibrachoa by Maya de Groot

    hi everyone; I've got 5 new products in store for this month's MiniO's and here are some inspiration layouts
  5. madigirl

    EU #SaveYourInternet

    hello everyone. I came across this today https://saveyourinternet.eu/ I just wanted to let you know/ask if anyone was aware of this? (and I'm very shocked at how this hasn't been in the news before here) Because to me this all sounds too much/too bizarre and just the end of how we...
  6. madigirl

    Happy iNSD Weekend - Maya de Groot designs

    Hi everyone, Happy iNSD Weekend, I've got a lot of special deals and new products for you this weekend (May 4 - 6) My entire store is on sale for 40% off and I'm introducing two product lines * Collage Papers * Pressed 'n' Painted 6 new sets in each line, now also 40% off (new products will...
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    Aquart & Art Dolls - New by Maya de Groot designs

    hi everyone, I've got three new handmade products in the store all 20% off Hope you like them :)
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    Zen & the Art of Masters, Art Dolls and Instant Art Journaling

    Hello everyone and happy 12th birthday to Oscraps. To celebrate my entire store is 40% off and I got 6 brand new products for you (also 40% off) hope you like them :)
  9. madigirl

    Maya de Groot Designs :: 40% Off Black Friday Sale & 8 New Products

    Hi everyone, My entire store is 40% off during the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale, including my 8 new products. 2 Sets of Zodiac Sisters and 6 handmade products, perfect for your holiday layouts. Hope you like them and have a great weekend.
  10. madigirl

    Maya de Groot | Zen & The Art Of: Sugar Skulls & Art Dolls No. 5

    Hello everyone. I have two brand new products in the store. Zen & The art of Sugar Skulls and Art Dolls No. 5, both are are 20% off now. These products are inspired by 'Dia de Los Muertos' and contain hand-painted/hand-drawn elements. I hope you like them. and here's a layout...
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    Maya de Groot | 8 New Products all 40% off.. and coming soon

    Hi everyone! My 25th Birthday is coming up and to celebrate I have a bunch of new products, already in store NOW with the Goodbye Summer / Hello Fall sale. All 40% off. I hope you like them. And coming soon on September 4th.. A Birthday Challenge with...
  12. madigirl

    Maya de Groot | 25th Birthday Challenge & Product Hunt - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    It's my 25th BIRTHDAY and 7 YEAR design anniversary.. and we've got to celebrate that!! So I hope you all enjoyed the Goodbye Summer/ Hello Fall sale, and now you get a chance to use those new goodies you got with a chance to win a coupon. How awesome is that? This time I prepared two...
  13. madigirl

    New Zodiac Sister and Mini O

    I have a new addition to my Zodiac Sisters collection, the zodiac sign Cancer, now 20% off, as well as all the previously released signs! and for the mini O's Celebration is .... Celebration is ... element pack
  14. madigirl

    May MiniO's | Gelato Is...

    Hi everyone, I made two new products for this month's MiniO's, the colour reminded me of icecream and so that became the theme. Gelato Is... Papers & Elements Hope you like it :) and here are some layouts by the CheeryO's and team
  15. madigirl

    NEW by Maya de Groot | Fanatic Collection & Journal Junkies

    Hello everyone and happy iNSD weekend. My entire store is 40% during the celebrations and this includes the seven brand new products that are in store now. First the Fanatic Collection; this is the perfect collection for all your fangirl layouts. Whether you want to scrap about your...
  16. madigirl

    Art Doll It Yourself & Oscraps Birthday Sale

    and to celebrate I have 4 new products for you. all on sale too. . . . and here's a layout using some of these sets for the DAY 4 BIRTHDAY CHALLENGE come play!
  17. madigirl

    NEW by Maya de Groot

    Hi everyone, I've got two new products for you! The second part in my Zodia Sisters Series: Pisces And Knick Knack and I made this little speed scrap video.. where you can watch me scrap with this kit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O9738XrxM20&t=0s
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    Zodiac Sisters: Aquarius

    Hi everyone, I'm starting a new collection of Zodiac inspired mini kits.. The first is Aquarius. Hope you like it :)
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    NEW:: Passion for Paper II | 20% Off

    Hi everyone! I've got a couple of new products in store, all of them at least 20% off!
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    Maya de Groot designs | New for December

    Black Friday - Cyber Monday sale and that means almost everything in my store is 40% off! INCLUDING my new Christmas products ! . . Art Dolls no. 3 . . BackPackers set 10 . . Zen & the Art Of Stockings . . Art Journal Cards III . . Art Journal Cards IV