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  1. Ellen

    Knitting, crocheting, sewing and everything with fabric

    That looks great, did you use cotton as the thread?
  2. Ellen

    Knitting, crocheting, sewing and everything with fabric

    Hi Chris ...Love the colours of those hats.
  3. Ellen

    Knitting, crocheting, sewing and everything with fabric

    Thank you, the monkey is a wobble ball. The blue blanket took 1700 grams of wool, it's a single bed size. Mosaic crochet takes more than usual as you crochet in single lines rather than turn and go back. Normally a single blanket would take 15 x100 grams.
  4. Ellen

    Knitting, crocheting, sewing and everything with fabric

    I'm doing lots of crochet-ing mainly children's toys , cuddlies and my latest love mosaic crochet blankets.This means I not only have a scrapping addiction ( dormant at the moment) but also a wool and cotton yarn addiction.
  5. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'Autumn in Murcia'

    Beautiful, love the stitches and it's nice to see a fellow door/window addict.
  6. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'Scenic'

    Gorgeous, it takes you right into the scenery.
  7. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'Gladys and John 1922'

    Great colours and love how you built up behind the photo with the documents and notebook.
  8. Ain't no mountain high enough

    Ain't no mountain high enough

    Scenic Layer Photo Album Sparkle Dots MultiMedia Birds 1 Paints and Stains Gold nr 4 Inspire WordArt
  9. Kentra Bay playground

    Kentra Bay playground

    After a long absence I found Photoshop again.High time to use all the goodies I bought and stored. Scenic Photo Album App Evanish Artstroke APP Fernweh transfers APP Coolth paper Adventure 1 Wordart 1 Journey 1 Wordart
  10. Ellen

    New laptop

    Help please, my MSI laptop has given up and I need to decide what to buy next. I’ m thinking about an Apple one but is it difficult to switch from Windows to IOS? Is there much difference to play with Photoshop CC ,I realise that Iwouldneed to buy Mac programs instead of Android ones . Can...
  11. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'Love Clifton'

    Love the dreaminess of the blended photo and the clear photos as contrast. That MMB 7 compliments it perfect with the colours of the roof repeated in it.
  12. Ellen

    storm Ciara

    We were treated to the full spectacle being on the west-coast of Scotland. galeforce wind- snow-rain- sleet, hailstorms and then thunder. It struck somewhere in our village ( all of 12 houses !) a very loud bang at 5 in the morning. This fried our router and no electricity till 11 at night...
  13. Ellen

    AnnaChange Challenge 1/27/20 – 2/10/20

    Thank you all. Long time ago since I scrapped ( and now it's even more of a challenge as my laptop is on strike and I had to go back to my old laptop with PS CS 2 instead of CC) Funny how quickly you get used to new changes and forget about the old ones. Now..do I remember how to post a...
  14. Change Challenge

    Change Challenge

    ArtPlay no. 6 Dragonfly from Art Play palette Delightful
  15. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'Glasses...'

    Love the different colours and the texture.
  16. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'Hestercombe Gardens- November 2019'

    Beautiful page, I love how the different levels in the photo are so visible and how seamless it all flows into the paper.
  17. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'Albert & Maja'

    beautiful Marleen, now I'll have to search for which Artplay Palettes you have used. Love the muted colours.
  18. Ellen

    LOOK at these Brilliant Ideas for Using Concrete!!

    Just reading this. Many years ago, 20 or so ? It was before we moved back to Scotland I made sort of flat bowls for plant arrangements , mainly succulents. This was done by using rhubarb leaves and cement . I still have one of them sitting here , (empty) will take a picture tomorrow.
  19. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'Apricots...'

    beautiful page,it looks so appetising and the colours are brilliant
  20. Ellen

    Comment by 'Ellen' in media 'AnnaLift 06/15/19 - 06/21/19 - Summer Memories'

    breathtaking, love how you did the waves with the spackle texture