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  1. val

    Celebration time, and my love for you all

    waving back to you all. nope, I have not scrap in a while... like isaid somewhere I am 2 year late in my book :( I will get back to it, i know it, I feel it... hopefully soon...
  2. val

    Celebration time, and my love for you all

    I have been meaning to come here SO many time, so many time, life got in the way... Finally, I am here to wish the O community a wonderful birthday party. Time fly and I am 2 years late in my ARTbook. I miss you gals so much ( didier :) ) In iceland, my tribe is doing great kiddos grow SO...
  3. val

    Comment by 'val' in media 'Orgnisee'

    Love the C&S style and the awesome collage to add to the picture. Well done v
  4. val

    Comment by 'val' in media 'Siblings 2015'

    great title work Awesome LO chris
  5. val

    Comment by 'val' in media 'RIP Alan Rickman'

    amazing to tribute to this fabulous person. tfs
  6. val

    Sad news

    adding my love and thought to yours Andrea you'll be greatly missed. xoxo Clara too v
  7. val

    amazing last deal

    and here we are, I will all miss the designer side but I will be around, I am in need of scrapping... xoxo see you all around! here val
  8. val

    It is time to say good bye

    lol You know I have never been a CO, I always been too shy to apply!! you are so very sweet and kind. I love you all! v
  9. val

    Comment by 'val' in media 'THANK YOU VAL!!!!'

    Oh that very super sweet, Thanks you so much lady! Love you xoxo
  10. val

    The very last one!

    Check my store it is going to be the very last day of ValC designs store and I am getting older tomorrow ... no, wait .... I am getting wiser :) While I was looking for some funny images, I found one i actually love I am not turning 43, but 18 with 25 years of experience :)) or this one too...
  11. val

    It is time to say good bye

    hi everyone, I am happy to say that I found time to scrap! I already made 3 pages for my first project: ie the book if our 2013 holidays! this said, I just wanted to remind you all That is the last week to jump and pick your favorite product of mine before it is too late! What out!
  12. as COOL as a moose

    as COOL as a moose

    And yes, I am starting my 2013 holidays book :) Credit ValCDesigns Posing ART http://www.oscraps.com/shop/product.php?productid=10011494&cat=542&page=1 ValCDesigns Carnet de voyage http://www.oscraps.com/shop/product.php?productid=10008820&cat=434&page=5 Template...
  13. val

    Comment by 'val' in media 'Life'

    big LOVE for this page which rings bells in my heart! Thansk
  14. val

    It is time to say good bye

    oh yeah, jopke, you actually were the first store owner to welcome me at DT3. That where I sold my first WordART pack... long time ago. Thanks you everyone xoxo v
  15. val

    It is time to say good bye

    Yop, it is not a really happy moment for me ( but not so sad either... ) I am going to stop designing. It is hard to close a chapter in your life ( especially this one) but life is calling and I am looking forward to the new beginning in my life. I turn my store into a major sale...
  16. val

    Comment by 'val' in media 'cute'

    amazing Layout and great great creative tips! thanks for sharing chris!
  17. val

    | March 2015 | Be Inspired Challenge :: ValC Designs ::

    ok, the layouts I saw before leaving in the country side were fab, and I did comment on them. ( i glad i did it then) I have a very poor connection and can not make it to the store backstage, to create a coupon. If you are ok, I will deal with that next week, when I ll get back home with a...
  18. val

    Comment by 'val' in media 'March 2015 Big Word Challenge_Spirit'

    AWESOME looks like my former cat :( fantastic LO and quote
  19. val

    Comment by 'val' in media 'March 2015 | Be Inspired Challenge :: ValC Designs :'

    a piece of art! love it! thanks