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  1. val

    Celebration time, and my love for you all

    I have been meaning to come here SO many time, so many time, life got in the way... Finally, I am here to wish the O community a wonderful birthday party. Time fly and I am 2 years late in my ARTbook. I miss you gals so much ( didier :) ) In iceland, my tribe is doing great kiddos grow SO...
  2. val

    amazing last deal

    and here we are, I will all miss the designer side but I will be around, I am in need of scrapping... xoxo see you all around! here val
  3. val

    The very last one!

    Check my store it is going to be the very last day of ValC designs store and I am getting older tomorrow ... no, wait .... I am getting wiser :) While I was looking for some funny images, I found one i actually love I am not turning 43, but 18 with 25 years of experience :)) or this one too...
  4. val

    It is time to say good bye

    Yop, it is not a really happy moment for me ( but not so sad either... ) I am going to stop designing. It is hard to close a chapter in your life ( especially this one) but life is calling and I am looking forward to the new beginning in my life. I turn my store into a major sale...
  5. val

    new products in ValC's store and SALE

    check them out... and the all bunch in store as well ... have fun shopping! val
  6. val

    | March 2015 | Be Inspired Challenge :: ValC Designs ::

    Hello everyone, Wow, I am so LATE, posting this challenge ...well I hope you will just pretend that you haven't notice. and I ll go on with the challenge itself? shall we do that? ok, but first of all I want to congratulate SharLamb!!!! :cheer2: with her layout on tigers, she won 5$ coupon...
  7. val

    New Creative Box - by ValCDesigns

    But what is in this box??? lol I always loved tattoos, but I never get to do one... I just couldn't choose what and where. If now I think I have locate the where (the ankle) I still have no specific idea of what .... well that is an other topic. I have had a blast making these... it will...
  8. val

    News at ValCdesigns

    Hello everyone, It took me sometime to adjust in this early 2015. when I thought I was ready, I got in chock with the Charlie Hebdo happenings, in Paris. I am not over yet, and I don't think I will anytime soon... freedom of speech and expression should not be attack, at any point, in any way...
  9. val

    | January 2015 | Be Inspired Challenge :: ValC Designs ::

    Hello everyone! I hope this post is finding you happy and well. I wish you all a very sweet and cheerful 2015 to come, and I wish you a wonderful and inspired time with us, at Oscraps. I am back for a new full year of Be Inspired Challenges, my wonderful team is right here, ready to help, but...
  10. val

    Hello 2014 bye bye 2015 --- or vice versa :) SALE

    Hello everyone! I decided to get a sale up for you, either to end 2014 or to start 2015... you just decide. Check out the deal, and happy shopping! I wish you a wonderful end of 2014 and let's start 2015 partying! May you all have a sweet and perfect 2015 :) xoxo val
  11. val

    Your 2015, or the Icelandic one?

    Hello everyone, I am late announcing here the release of my calendar 2015. I made for you 4 sets of calendar, you will just have to choose if you want your weeks to start on sundays or on mondays, and if you prefer Wall calendar or pocket calendar ... (or you can get them all LOL ) You will...
  12. val

    Today ONLY - Dec 8th - ValCDesigns sale and gift!

    Hello everyone and welcome to Day 8 of our Holiday Advent Celebration! We hope you have enjoyed the first week of holiday fun and bargains. Be sure to check out the previous posts if you haven't already - there are goodies to be had! To start our fun today, the Val C. Designs shop is on...
  13. val

    :: Vicki Stegall & ValC Designs :: -> a month long of inspiration. | WINNERS |

    Hello! First of all, I think you all have done a wonderful work with this challenge and we hope you have had fun doing those colorful layout. It was so cool so see so many bright and fun Layout while the winter get quickly in our daily life... some glimps of sun and fun are so very welcome at...
  14. val

    Vicki Stegall & ValC Designs :: ->Color In Life | November 2014 | Challenge 8

    Hello everyone! So far your Layout amazed me, it was SO great to see so many different interpretations of the life's color challenges. Vicki and I have been blown away so many time! We want to thanks you all for your participation! But this challenge is not over (yet), we still have 1...
  15. val

    :: Vicki Stegall & ValC Designs :: -> Color In Life | November 2014 | Challenge 1 RED

    Hi Everyone, Here is the very first Challenge of the "month of Inspiration" that Vicki and I are bringing to you. For this first challenge, I have just 1 word ... RED You will have to either scrap using mainly red, but you can also work with neutral hues on your Layout showing photo(s) rich...
  16. val

    :: Vicki Stegall & ValC Designs :: -> a month long of inspiration. | November 2014 |

    hi there, November is a month very rich in events in life and in the digiscrap world. It is really easy to forget about actually creating. What do you think about starting a project during the whole month? A project to keep you rolling and creating? Vicki and I (Val) have worked...
  17. val

    :: Be Inspired :: October Challenge 1st -15th | - [the Winner is ...]

    Hi everyone, I am SO happy to get back in the loop, get back to you... all those summer month were very active over here, I think I need winter... so I can rest a bit :) lol After a well deserved summer break, ValC Team is back with new Monthly challenges for you (running on the first 2...
  18. val

    ValCDesigns: NEW release for you

    OOps, I forgot to bring you my new kit, lats friday, sorry for that, and to be forgiven, I let the 20% off as a new release for a few more days. and for this week, I have a bundle of 3 set of Easy ARTBook template (so you can make you holidays trip album quickly, or get ready early for all...
  19. val

    labor day special offers! ValC designs

    hi everyone! I wanna wish a great labor day to all my friends who celebrate it :) and for this occasion I made a selection of product in sale! Of course, you all can enjoy it! have fun shopping! Have a fabulous week end! xoxo v
  20. val

    Under the Rain - New release & Special discount!

    Yop, me... I am back! I have spend a couple of weeks out in the country side, for work AND for vacation... And while the weather was awesome, I made a kit about Rain... you know that $"!$/#!% rainy days, when you just want to go out... but also for some sweet rainy hour, playing, laugthing ...