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  1. scrap-genie

    Daily Ooo's: Monday, September 2 -Labor Day Edition

    Morning Ozzies! Missing Chris while she enjoys what in the US is a holiday. Cool and rainy here, not the best for a special day. Hopefully tonight I'll make dinner and we'll watch one of the movies I got at the library yesterday.
  2. scrap-genie

    Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, April 3

    Wow, good afternoon Ozzies. Hope everyone is doing OK. Strange to be first posting. I am excited to have a standing O on my lyrics page! The lyrics are about my memory of a long ago visit to the Sandy Hook beach in New Jersey. Felis, thanks for remembering my map programs. I was supposed to...
  3. scrap-genie

    Daily Ooo's: July 14-15: Weekend Edition!

    With Chris off to PA, thought I'd start this thread before I head off to give my talk. Hope everyone gets to enjoy a great weekend.
  4. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 52/53 Project 365/Life/52

    I'm going to do one page for the week ending Dec. 27 and then another page for the last four days of the year. I have photos but haven't started putting them together. I also will need a cover design. Hope everyone will get through the year!
  5. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 51 Project 365/Life/52

    Took me quite a while, but here is week 51.
  6. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 50 Project 365/Life/52

    2014 is really racing toward the end. I'll do the next two weeks and then the last few days as a week 53 (since I started week 1 with a partial week). But, here is week 50.
  7. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 49 Project 365/Life/52

    Can you believe week 49 has passed? I'm working on my page and also trying to do Documenting December every day. Lots to do! Hope everyone is keeping or catching up on 2014.
  8. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 48 Project 365/Life/52

    The week is winding down, December is almost here! I'm working on a page now.
  9. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 47 Project 365/Life/52

    How can another week be gone? I've photos but haven't even started my week 47.
  10. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 46 Project 365/Life/52

    Yikes! November is half gone and winter is here for us with plenty of snow. I'll be back later with my week 46.
  11. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 45 Project 365/Life/52

    I'm working on my week 45, but not yet done. Those of you doing WITL last week are probably taking a deep breath before going on to the next week. They sure did look great.
  12. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 44 Project 365/Life/52

    Can you believe that it is already November? Halloween is past and winter is in the wings. I'm not ready, but my week 44 is partly done.
  13. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 43 Project 365/Life/52

    Can't believe it's Saturday already - and almost over. I have photos but haven't begun to put them together.
  14. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 42 Project 365/Life/52

    I just started work on week 42. I think it's going to a take a while though! :ohwell:
  15. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 41 Project 365/Life/52

    I'm working on week 41, hope to be back soon. Diane, missing you already!
  16. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 36 Project 365/Life/52

    Looks like I'm an early bird this week. It was a fun one.
  17. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 28 Project 365/Life/52

    I didn't wait around so long this week, so looks like I'm first for week 28. I've lamented in one of the challenges that bird nesting and song are tapering off, but we're also noticing the days are slowly getting shorter again. Bummer!
  18. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 16 Project 365/Life/52

    Guess I'll start the week's thread. I'm not so late as last week, but I do have one snowy day to show. Hope it's the LAST!
  19. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 13 Project 365/Life/52

    Starting the thread for the last week of March. I'm sure hoping to end the snow pictures!! (but more in next week's, alas.)
  20. scrap-genie

    2014 Week 2 Project 365/Life/52

    With Diane away (I think), guess I'll start this week's thread. What a week it was for me!