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  1. Patty Anne

    Deep Dream Generator

    I'm trending! I got my first trending! WooHoo!
  2. Patty Anne

    Comment by 'Patty Anne' in media 'S - P - R - I - N - G'

    Gorgeous composition, beautiful photo treatment, loving the juicy drips from the flower!
  3. Patty Anne

    Deep Dream Generator

    ...that feeling when you think you can guess how it will flow through and use your last (long awaited) 10 energy points for .. ACK! Ctrl+Z! Ctrl+Z! Danger Will Robinson Danger! UGH!
  4. Patty Anne

    Deep Dream Generator

    Howdy again... Back and beginning to play - as connectivity allows. I live in the piney woods of NE Texas - on the TX/LA border. I'm in the woods - literally. The biggest town in our entire county, our county seat, is population 2100 - to give you an idea of our sparse population. AND I've...
  5. Patty Anne

    ISO Action - isolate & save as .png

    YESSSSS!!!!! Thank Youuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! I have scrounged all through the store trying to find this, the shelves are surely a mess by now! :p I have about 5 more actions on my wish list by searching for this one. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Like, I'm sighing in relief! I probably should have asked...
  6. Patty Anne

    ISO Action - isolate & save as .png

    I THINK Wendy used to have an action that did this, but I can't find it, don't know what it's called... Basically, after you've selected out an item OR if you have a single small item on a much larger layer --- this action will select the item and save it at that size as a .png file. Make sense...
  7. Patty Anne


    :D WooHoo! :D YOUR Birthday and WE get the presents?!?! Well, I won't argue with you. ;) Congratulations to all the winners. Thank you O-Family!
  8. Patty Anne

    Comment by 'Patty Anne' in media 'jPA_Love in Spring'

    Oh Beth! What an honor and a thrill!!!!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH !!! I am just so very humbled and happy too. Wishing you a superfantabulously blessed and creative day!
  9. Patty Anne

    HOW TO: Using Photo Frames by Natali Designs

    I'm glad I clicked on this! I'm with @faerywings, I hadn't seen these frames but simply must have them as well! (way to cross-sell! ;) )
  10. Patty Anne


    Here we GoOoOoOoOoOoOo again! APRIL 2021 CHALLENGE LAYOUT LINKS: Challenge 1 - Creative Photo Treatments (insert link) Challenge 2 - Copy Cat (insert link) Challenge 3 - 4th Friday Color Play (insert link) Challenge 4 - Different Size Scrap (insert link) Challenge 5 - 52 Inspirations (insert...
  11. Patty Anne

    March 2021 Challenge #1 The Agency

    Thank you for the interesting challenge and everyone's inspiration!
  12. jPA_Agency Challenge

    jPA_Agency Challenge

    For the '21 March Agency Challenge #1
  13. Patty Anne

    March 2021 Challenge #4 - Mood Board

    Here's My Mood Board Inspired... #1 - Bicycle #3 - Dogwood Branch #6 - Basket #7 - Couple in Spring #10 - Butterfly
  14. jPA_Love in Spring

    jPA_Love in Spring

    This is for the March Moodboard Challenge #5.
  15. Patty Anne

    March 2021 Challenge # 7 - Storybook/Fantasy

    My Fantasy is LIVE MUSIC - AGAIN - SOON! (all caps because I'm screaming over the loud music! ;))
  16. jPA_LIVE! Music PLEASE!

    jPA_LIVE! Music PLEASE!

    For the March Challenge #7 - Fantasy Page - My fantasy is for the return of LIVE! MUSIC! PLEASE! ;-)
  17. Patty Anne

    ** WINNERS ANNOUNCED** DAY 8 MAR 26 - Guess How Many | GAME

    I'm guessing 156 And sending a heartfelt thank you to everyone who have worked and played to make this marathon event a success! (((hugs)))
  18. Patty Anne

    March 2021 Challenge #2 Page Sketch

    Thank you for the challenge & the inspiration! Here's Mine:
  19. jPA_March Sketch Challenge

    jPA_March Sketch Challenge

    My dot -Zoey- on St. Patty's Day 2020.
  20. Patty Anne

    March 2021 Challenge #6 - Quote It

    Thank you for the quotes, challenge & inspirations, Cindy!