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    Old tricks

    Tanteva’s post about showing your oldest layout in the gallery gave me an idea. I decided to look through my own gallery at techniques I’ve used in the past and haven’t done in a long time. One of the tricks was using frames in a unique way or creating frames with brushes (like this layout...
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    ***WINNER ANNOUNCED***. Vicki Stegall Designs (Momma O's) May 2021 Challenge

    THE WINNER OF THE VICKI STEGALL DESIGNS CHALLENGE AS CHOSEN BY THE RANDOM WHEEL IS ... LDARTIST Hi everyone. I'm excited to host the May 2021 challenge. Recently I looked at the “today is national day” list for May. Almost every day was related to food. There is Cinco de Mayo...
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    **WINNERS ANNOUNCED** DAY 1 MAR 19 - Birthday Card | CHALLENGE

    WINNERS FOR THE CHALLENGE: - Winner 1 - $15 | $10 to Aft Designs + $5 to et designs | Sheriscraps - Winner 2 - $10 | $5 to emeto designs + $5 to TaylorMade | zotova - Winner 3 - $5 to Karen Schultz Designs | 01lousmight Please check your messages. Oscraps is turning 15!!! This challenge is...
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    All About Me

    I'm working on a cousin's 2020 Virtual Graduation book. I thought having an All About Me page would be great to have and look back on 20 years from now. I've done some searches and most of these online seem to immature, geared more for younger children. I could use your help and ideas on the...
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    Favorite Flower

    Happy mother's day to all that celebrate (furbaby moms included) Last night my daughter and I were having a conversation when she asked what my favorite flower is. I thought hard for a few minutes and couldn't come up with one. I love all flowers. I have some I prefer over others like lilacs...
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    Lockdown Meals

    One of the things that most families are finding during Sheltering In Place is that since they aren't going out for meals, is rediscovering cooking at home. Are you cooking as a family? Rotating cooking duties? Trying new recipes? What has been your experience during the past few months. For...
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    May 2020 - Community Posting Challenge Tracking Thread

    Welcome to our new challenge, hosted by the Posting team! We hope that you will join us for the month to spread some love and cheer in our very unique and friendly Community. Please click HERE to find out more about this challenge. Create a post in this thread, listing your Current...
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    Best Gift Ever

    What’s the best family Christmas gift you’ve ever received? Hands down the best gift I ever received was the biggest surprise too. My daughter couldn't walk for 5 years and she surprised me 10 years ago by walking across the living room. At first I felt like I thought I was hallucinating and...
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    July Goals

    We are half way through the year. I can't believe it. Most people make resolutions or goals for the year. Would love to hear how well you are doing in attaining your goals, have you abandoned it, or modified your plan? For me, my goal was to shed some pounds for health. I've resolved myself...
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    how to shake it off

    Today was a rough start to the week...my boss is a terrible communicator and barked out a comment that really bothered me. He isn't always right and will never admit a mistake. Fortunately these moments don't happen often but it put me in a bad mood all day. So now I'm trying to shake it off...
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    I live in a region that has a perpetual spring/summer. We didn’t have a winter this year. The AC has been going non-stop for most of the season. I missed opening the doors and windows this year and letting the house get a good airing out but south Florida is too humid to do this unless the...
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    What smell brings back great memories?

    Since we are all here for the most important reason to scrap...memories- making them, remembering them and celebrating them. What smell brings back great memories? The sense of smell is closely linked with memory, probably more so than any of our other senses. When I smell a gardenia, I...
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    weekend plans

    What are you going to do this weekend? I started mine with wrestling with the pool cleaner hose. It is a constant battle with that thing but I've been so proud of myself being a single woman buying parts and replacing for $50 instead of close to $400 for a new machine. I got a much needed...
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    Most useful

    What’s the most useful thing you own? gadget, tool, etc. I have several favorite time saving gadgets. But right now my favorite is this resealer I have for bags. Their advertisement says that companies spends hundreds of thousands of dollars on the best bag to give their products longer shelf...
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    what would you save?

    I really want to declutter and downsize our home. Less is more or at least my dream to achieve. I'm learning through the process that there is so much emotional attachment to old trinkets and things. A friend of mine recenty lost their entire home to the California wildfires. Nothing was saved...
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    Current trends - Annoying or Love?

    What is something that is popular now that annoys you? Or you absolutely love? Trends seem, to come and go quickly with the help of social media today. Word spreads fast from fitness trends, diets, getting rid of clutter, facial sheet masks and so much more. I recently started to watching...
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    It's Oscar Time!

    The Oscars nominations will be announced this Tuesday, January 22nd. This past year we joined a movie club on one of the major chains and fell in love with going to the theater again. There is nothing like seeing a movie on the big screen. What are your favorite picks for this awards season?
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    2019 Project Life/365/52

    Hello Everyone, This thread is opened for everybody who want to share their 2019 personal project. Every form/format are welcomed here. Journaling your daily life, follow/create prompts, doing a Book of Me (BOM), month in review' project, whatever you have on your mind feel welcome to share...
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    What are your plans for MLK Weekend?

    What is everyone doing over upcoming Martin Luther King 3 day weekend? I live in south Florida where we have eternal summer. We've had an unusually warm winter. This is still the best time of year for us to experience outdoor festivals and outside activities before the brutal summer heat...