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  1. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Wednesday, July 28

    Good morning ladies. Spent a half hour looking for the replacement toy for Remi's flirt pole. I knew I had one but couldn't remember where I put it. She snapped the squeaky toy off it this morning and thankfully I had a replacement. That toy is a necessary part of our day to keep her happy...
  2. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Monday, July 26

    Good morning ladies. Had a busy wkend with the telus internet/tv/phone switchover. There were some problems but thankfully it looks like everything is up and running now. Jen & I took the dogs to a new park that is just a 10 min drive away that I'd never been to before. What a great experience...
  3. bcgal00

    Gallery Categories! Did you notice?

    That’s great!
  4. bcgal00

    Creative teams, are you a member of a creative team?

    Thx. Taking an extended break and slowing things down for a number of months was much needed. I'm enjoying more "me" time now, it's still a bit limited b/c of the energetic pup but I'm happy with life and am finding a balance.
  5. bcgal00

    Creative teams, are you a member of a creative team?

    Thx. It feels good to get back into a scrappy schedule and life is more manageable again.
  6. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Wednesday, July 14

    Good morning ladies. I have a busy day of work and tax papers to get ready to send off so that will take up the bulk of my day aside from playing/training with Remi. I'll facetime with B before dinner and then more playtime with Remi. I have about 80 pages of my book to finish up too before its...
  7. bcgal00

    Daily Ooo's: Monday, July 12

    Good morning ladies. Busy Monday (as always). Hopefully we'll get our new phones ordered today or in the next few days. We get a corporate discount (thru D's work) so they need D to confirm the order so I told her to call today, expecting him to be home (he's been taking Mondays off for awhile...
  8. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: July 10-11: Weekend Edition

    Good morning ladies. @faerywings Enjoy the morning yoga. I bet you'll feel great afterwards. I have been out on the back porch and in the yard mostly from 6:30-9:30, photographing birds, playing with Remi, enjoying the warm sunny morning. Now the dogs are napping and I can sit at the computer...
  9. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: July 10-11: Weekend Edition

    Good evening ladies. Had a busy day today. Jen came to drop Bella off with me for the morning and most of the afternoon so she could go clean out the storage locker with D and do some errands. The 3 dogs had fun together and after having a late lunch, they all slept on the kitchen floor for 1/2...
  10. bcgal00

    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Whisky'

    Gorgeous page and very cool photo treatment!
  11. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Friday, July 9

    @faerywings Forgot to say....welcome back from your holiday!
  12. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Friday, July 9

    Good morning ladies. I can't believe its only 9 am here. I was up at 6:15 with the dogs, fed them, had 2 cups of coffee, played ball with Remi, went outside twice to play with the flirt pole (the most awesome dog toy ever) with Remi, took some photos of the birds, played a stick game with Remi...
  13. bcgal00

    Share with me your guilty pleasure

    My guilty pleasure, when I want to indulge, is vegan chocolate chip cookies from our local organic store, they are made there and are big, soft, full of choc chips and just too yummy to describe. I get them a few times a month for a treat. My savory guilty pleasure is pizza. I stay away from...
  14. bcgal00

    Share with me your guilty pleasure

    Wow, those look amazing, Cindy! I feel that if I am going to "cheat" my low fat/sugar free diet, I want it to be worth it. I feel like these two donuts are definitely "worth it"!
  15. bcgal00

    Creative teams, are you a member of a creative team?

    It's kind of sad to remember the stores I CT'd for that closed down, MScraps, ScrapbookGraphics and a few others. I was on a few store teams (including here) but left them all for a bit and am slowly getting back into the groove again. I am on 3 store teams now with different duties so I'm not...
  16. bcgal00


    Good morning ladies. Hope that Chris is off having fun. I'm busy selling camera and scrap supplies. I decided to move over fully to small mirrorless cameras since I love my Nikon P950, so yesterday ordered a sony rx10 IV so am excited to get that in a day or two. Sold 2 fuji cameras yesterday...
  17. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Friday, July 2

    @tanteva yes, that is exactly how it gets here. So far we are not feeling any effects but last summer was bad around here.
  18. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Friday, July 2

    @tanteva We’re in the lower mainland of Vancouver, we don’t get the fires here, that is up in the interior, but we sometimes get the smoke/smog from the fires.