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  1. scrap-genie

    Let's get to know each other

    My favorite subject to scrap is birds and natural settings in general.
  2. scrap-genie


    This was a pleasure to do! :sparkles1:
  3. Birthday Cake - Day 4

    Birthday Cake - Day 4

    I've had a great time creating an environment for the birthday cake template and decorating it. With all the iris it will remind me of my late mother's birthday on July 1.
  4. scrap-genie

    DAY 3 JUNE 15 - Show me your HAPPY! | CHALLENGE

    I really wanted to scrap this birthday but find no trace of photos from the day, so a photoless LO.
  5. Birthday Birding 1989

    Birthday Birding 1989

    There are a lot of birthdays to remember, many spent birding, but this one was unique. I've tried to capture some of the feeling of dusk to dark with the Common Poorwills even though we had a whole day up to then. Very happy time.
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    PM sent. It was fun with the party theme - and the hints! :bdaysmile:
  7. scrap-genie

    Let's get to know each other

    Favorite drink must be Diet Coke these days. Once upon a time might have been a dry Manhattan or shots of I.W. Harper, a bourbon no longer made like the original. Long ago enjoyed some very good red wines but don't drink anymore. I do drink lots of tea and herbal tea.
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'atc-100-100'

    Congratulations on your 100th ATC! He looks marvelous! :grape:
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    Let's get to know each other

    I think fat old lady would do it, but let's try: Obsessive Creative Loyal
  10. A Day for Birds

    A Day for Birds

    It was a perfect day for birding and we were so happy and keep talking about it.
  11. scrap-genie

    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Today 7 Okt 2022'

    Eva, I love this and am happy it came up on the gallery page for me to scraplift.
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    I'm lifting this lovely page by Eva @tanteva from page 18 in the gallery. and this is mine:
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'atc-99-100'

    Diane, way to go, just one more and you'll have 100 of these wonderful ATCs. Love this starry and regal look.
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    Pre-Party Birthday Avatar/Meme Challenge 2024

    As usual, I've used a bird in mine!
  15. O'Birthday 2024 Avi

    O'Birthday 2024 Avi

  16. scrap-genie

    Challenge and Game Tracking Thread 2024

    18th BIRTHDAY PARTY TRACKING: DAY 1 (Thurs Jun 13) - Birthday Scraplift ChallengeCHALLENGE https://oscraps.com/community/media/a-day-for-birds.393764/ DAY 2 (Fri Jun 14) - Scavenger Hunt GAME https://oscraps.com/community/threads/day-2-june-14-scavenger-hunt-game.40041/post-707925 DAY 3 (Sat...
  17. scrap-genie

    JUNE 2024 - Standing O's

    Sylvia, thank you so much for this! So happy you liked it. :lovey3:
  18. scrap-genie

    Art Journal Week 2 Challenge June ~ CONNECT

    This is a connection vital to me that fortunately can be met in various places.
  19. Connect with Wide Open Spaces

    Connect with Wide Open Spaces

    Osage prairies, marshland vistas or along the lake, wide open spaces are something I need.
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    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'A Place of Peace'

    Your words are so true! Super showing in the photos and how you put it all together.