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  1. Challenge 5

    Challenge 5

    I used Dreams by Natali Design and the sketch provided for the challenge
  2. Fondness


    I used Fondness Bundle by et designs
  3. Challenge 4 Double Scraplift

    Challenge 4 Double Scraplift

    I used the top and bottom foliage and somewhat vertical feel of one layout, and the circular photo and element and flower placement from the other layouts provided to scraplift from. I used Triumph Kit Essentials by Laitha with Imagine the Impossible Kit by Palvinka Designs
  4. mrottler

    March 2022 Challenge #3 - Collaboration

    All members that participate, everyone PLEASE ensure that you read all the rules for this challenge so that you can claim your challenge points. Thank you! This month I am hosting a very easy challenge for you. All you need to do is any sort of layout, using an O site collaboration or a...
  5. Christmas Memories

    Christmas Memories

    I used Christmas Memories by Karen Schulz
  6. Winter Magic

    Winter Magic

    I used Winter Magic Bundle by AFT Designs
  7. Frosty Morning

    Frosty Morning

    I used Frosty Morning collection by Simplette with Snowy Fotoblendz No. 1 by Anna Aspnes
  8. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'January Challenge 4 - Big Photo.jpg'

    Love how the stacking of the “photos” give it character but doesn’t detract from the photo itself
  9. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'Sun'

    This really caught my eye in the gallery. I like the scenic background with the addition of 3-D elements and other photos pinned on
  10. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media '22-01_O_January-Challenge-#7---Lyrics-&-Poems'

    I like the snowflakes right over the top of the photo, plus as elements in a band along the bottom of the photo
  11. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'The beauty of it all'

    Love the colors of the flowers you chose especially with the spotted feathers
  12. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'In My Mind'

    Love your shadows that lift those butterflies right off the page!
  13. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'My Tree Challenge Day 1'

    I like the scene you created for your little owl!
  14. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'Day 3 Scraplift'

    This is so pretty with the flowers in the background and then the 3-D flower elements in the foreground
  15. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'Color Palette Challenge.jpg'

    I really like the blended photo with the blue frames stamped over it
  16. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'Big Photo Challenge'

    Love all the snowflakes tucked into the background
  17. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'Tips & Tricks Challenge'

    Yes I really prefer the dimension youbadded to the moon!
  18. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'Anna-Lift-2022.jpg'

    What a wonderful photo and you kept the heritage feel if the photo in the layout as well
  19. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'Fearless Today'

    Powerful verse. We certainly need to be mindful of who is around us and how they affect us!
  20. mrottler

    Comment by 'mrottler' in media 'Lyrics and Poems Challenge'

    Such pretty colors and I love the ripped pieces!