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  1. felis

    Knitting, crocheting, sewing and everything with fabric

    Share your crafting projects (finished and in progress), and if you have some funny stories around them. Photos are welcome And even more if you are make layout about that!
  2. felis

    A little bit support for good cause?!

    Hey girls! Can I have your attention for a moment! Like most of you probably knows this month is Movember, the worldwide movement that want to spread awareness on men's health care. I'm often shared at the Ooos chat about my grandfather's addiction problems and his refusal to receive mental...
  3. felis

    Did you clean up your O gallery sometimes?

    I considering this from a while, because here are many pages which I'm made just following someone else's challenges instructions, and also how often the other people browsed 20 pages of layouts?! But from other side I'm put time and energy in my pages, and now will need additional time to...
  4. felis

    To use Grammarly - good or danger idea?!

    So I see Grammarly's ads all over the YouTube, and everybody who knows me better is hear me numerous times to complain how I'm struggling with mastering of languages, and I sincerely sorry that I make my friends here to suffer with my weak level of writing skills on English. So when I saw...
  5. felis

    How much does it cost?!

    I was wondering according to you how much is it usual to pay for photos that you are got from Pixabay to use for scrapbook layout?! I don't wanna to undervalue these talented photographers, but also I'm not ready to give for one shot amount for a whole magazine. On the site is told "Buy me a...
  6. felis

    2018 Project Life/365/52

    Hello ladies, this thread is opened for everybody who want to share their personal project. Every form/format are welcomed here. Journaling your daily life, follow/create prompts, doing a Book of Me (BOM), month in review' project, whatever you have on your mind feel welcome to share! No...
  7. felis

    Big Welcome to the emeto designs

    I'm so happy to see you here at the O! If you haven't already seen her amazing style, you definitely must do! Her products in the majority are hand-drawn in a digital drawing program or on paper. And they are so SO cute. Check emeto's 35% OFF Grand Opening Sale now!
  8. felis

    Happy birthday Joanne Brisebois!

    Joanne, best wishes for you and hope you have a lovely day!
  9. felis


    As long as you eating a balanced organic diet this should be enough for your body, but many nutritionists (and Dr. Oz) will insist that, in our modern, GMO-ridden times, we simply can’t be healthy enough without incorporating Supplements into our diets. So I'd love to hear your opinion about...
  10. felis

    52 Project 2017

    I really want to make this year different and special, so I will take few different challenges. I'm subscribed for the 52 Inspirations and I'm so excited! Will post my pages in this topic. Everyone else, please, feel welcome to share yours too!