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  1. Marleen


    I have a very slow connection to the shop, do more people suffer from this? Or maybe it's because of crowds ...
  2. Marleen

    US Dollar vs Euro...

    Sorry I've send the message two time's:eek2:
  3. Marleen

    US Dollar vs Euro...

    The US Dollar was for the Dutch scrappers a long time very affordable when converting to the Euro, that's no longer so, actually they are both almost as much. look: 1,00 Euro = 1,08 Amerikaanse dollar :-)
  4. Marleen

    My NEW blog!!!!!!

    :cheer2: Finally, I have a new blog, yessssssssss. I could no longer on my previous blog. Well, please go and see my new blog. I have to make my blog a litte more beautiful, such as the header, this is the link: http://creationsbymarleen.blogspot.nl/ :cheer2:
  5. Marleen

    PLEASE, who can help me at the store! :help:

    I can't login at this time in the store. OMG it's not my day. 3 message, one was enough! shame
  6. Marleen


    I've got a new avatar, I can see it at the forum but not in the gallery, what do I wrong?
  7. Marleen


    How can I add to the board of O'scraps pins? This is my pinterest address: http://www.pinterest.com/777marleen/ Thanks
  8. Marleen

    I'm sick...

    If you don't see me for a while, I'm sick. I have suffered from a kidney stone and an inflamed intestine, that's very painful I can tell you. This morning I see a doctor, I must rest and should not of my bed, If I get high fever I have to call right away a doctor because then I probably should...
  9. Marleen

    I feel so very sad!

    I feel so very, very sad because today I've lost all my pages in psp, png and jpg. I was doing everything in folders because I hadn't done that for a couple of weeks. When I was ready, I don't no why, I the folders where gone and I was in totaly panic I've searched everywhere but couldn't find...
  10. Marleen


    I'm love it here at O'scraps, I love all the girls that give me always such a sweet/kind comments, that makes me so happy, thank you all so very much!!!!! It's not that I don't wan't to give tutorials, absolutely not, it's because that it's very difficult for me. My English is bad and with my...
  11. Marleen

    NEW designers...

    I wish it was me, Kokon Scrap-Art, but I think I'm not good enough, therefore I don't dare to react to your call. It seems to me great to work for O'Scraps and I know different people especially in the gallery. Unfortunately, I'm afraid that I can't meet your expectations. Witch designers...
  12. Marleen

    Hello from the Netherlands...

    Hello everybody, I'm Marleen and I live in the Netherlands, married with Willem and together we have 3 'big' daughters. My English is very bad, but I try to do my best! :rolleyes: I'm scrapaddicted for 3 years and love the designs from TaylorMade,feifeistuff and Paislee Press. Today I'v buy...
  13. Marleen

    Hi I'am from the Netherlands

    Hello, My name is Marleen and I'am from the Netherlands. I love digitalscrapping and I think that this site is a very nice place ;) My English is very bad :oops: but I try to do my best :D