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  1. chai


    Thank you! I couldn't get all the challenges done, but it was so nice to win something! Thank you for the party!
  2. chai

    Comment by 'chai' in media '10th birthday'

    Looks like such a fun day! I love how you surrounded her with her gifts for a photo. Very creative!
  3. chai

    ** WINNERS ANNOUNCED** DAY 6 MARCH 24 - Brave @ Heart? | GAME

    Like so many others, if I were brave enough I would jump out of an airplane. But it is never going to happen! Another idea that might happen some day... scuba diving!
  4. chai

    Comment by 'chai' in media 'Winter dreams'

    Beautiful! I love the neutral tones and how you overlaid the title.
  5. chai

    Comment by 'chai' in media 'Waiting All in One by natali design'

    Oh, how beautiful! I love how the branches lead us through the page. Your shadowing is gorgeous!
  6. chai

    **WINNERS ANNOUNCED**DAY 2 Mar 20 Gallery Love | GAME

    Holding my spot. Starting a little late! 1. https://oscraps.com/community/media/waiting-all-in-one-by-natali-design.348769/ 2. https://oscraps.com/community/media/winter-dreams.96676/ 3. https://oscraps.com/community/media/10th-birthday.348752/
  7. chai

    2021 Birthday Event Tracking

    DAY 1 (Mar 19) - Scrap a Birthday Card | Challenge {your link} DAY 2 (Mar 20) - Gallery Love Game {your link} DAY 3 (Mar 21) - White Space With a Twist | Challenge {your link} DAY 4 (Mar 22) - Show Me | Game {your link} DAY 5 (Mar 23) - Birthdays Just a Number | Challenge {your link} DAY 6 (Mar...
  8. Hope


    Credits Hope Collab by OScraps Designers Templates by Sandrine
  9. chai

    *WINNERS ANNOUNCED* Day 10 - Border Edge | CHALLENGE

    Yes, they are safer this way! :grin:
  10. O Christmas Tree

    O Christmas Tree

    Credits: Yuletide Season page kit by Vero Dreaming of a White Christmas by Et Designs
  11. Another Special Day

    Another Special Day

    Credits: Inspired by Autumn page kit by Emeto Designs Scenic Layer Album No 2 Template by Anna Aspnes
  12. chai


    In this new layout, I added star overlays, pearls and a red ribbon. This is the old layout. It felt too dark.
  13. Hearst Castle Christmas

    Hearst Castle Christmas

    This is a redo of a previous layout. Credits: By Anna Aspnes 12x12 Artist Edges_3 ArtPlay Mini Blithe (solid paper, lace) ArtPlay Palette Viaggio (jewels, paper, pearls) ArtPlay Palette Remember (2 transfers) ArtPlay Palette Love Life (background) Script Tease Remember (background...
  14. chai

    *WINNERS ANNOUNCED* DAY 9 - Earliest Christmas Memory | CHALLENGE

    Here's my story. I think this is actually my very first memory.
  15. Christmas Story

    Christmas Story

    My first memory is of Christmas. I believe it was when I was 18 months old wearing this dress and shoes. I must have been young, because I remember standing in my shiny black shoes on the wooden pew in the neighborhood church. I also remember this dress--it was always my favorite. It was a red...