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  1. felis

    Daily Ooos: Monday, June 14

    :p for a friend. Hmm, 3hr at least, this is why I never can't find time to scrap. And I found that I'm forget to add a bee on my last layout. At the previous O gallery was possible to replace a page without to loose the comments bellow, but it looks like this one not allows that. :rolleyes...
  2. felis

    Comment by 'felis' in media 'The Two Ends Little Vest'

    Eva, they are absolutely awesome!
  3. felis

    Happy Birthday, Ona!

    Happy belated birthday!
  4. felis

    Tell me a song with a woman's name in it

  5. felis

    Comment by 'felis' in media 'Live Life'

    What a cool photo! And your framing too, Chris, gorgeous page!
  6. felis

    Comment by 'felis' in media 'Grow (Right)'

    Chris, it's so gorgeous! Absolutely love it! I can see why you love to spend your time there!
  7. felis

    Daily ooos: June 12-13: Weekend Edition

    June 12th is been World Wide Knit in Public Day and also Record Store Day, but I learned for both too late at the evening, so I wasn't able to knit at the park near to the record store :p. I'm just kidding, don't think I would do some of these even if I knew on time, as that's the first time I...
  8. felis

    Daily ooos: June 12-13: Weekend Edition

    Hello girls! Lots of yard work today, as it rain every day seems that pollens don't bother me so much. Something I really really loves in my dad is that he is from these people that always looking for solution! Some people (I'll not admit that I mean my mom here ;)), some people always complain...
  9. felis

    Affinity Photo

    I was start to skrap on MM's software, so when I quit the site I had to skip on something new. Back then I get try on Photoshop and immediately start hate it. I guess they are improved much from then, but my first experience is always prevents me to pay for that. I'm not much patient person. Now...
  10. felis

    Daily Ooos: Wednesday, June 9

    I thought I had this book, but no, the names sounds similar in translation but mine is by Petra Hartlieb. :p I didn't know you work at library that's so cool!
  11. felis

    Daily Ooos: Wednesday, June 9

    Hello ladies! What happens with the time today? I do wake up too late and till I managed to take the dog out and have a breakfast it was turn in lunch time already. I talk a little bit with my sis and it was time to start cleaning. Almost was not find time to work, looks like will have another...
  12. felis

    Daily Ooos: Wednesday, June 9

    Aww, thank you Eva I wasn't hear for this site before! I often buy Turkish yarn (Alize on the photo) as Turkey is my neighbors country. They have long tradition in yarn making and I'm satisfied from some of their brands. So I like this store!
  13. felis

    Daily Ooos: Wednesday, June 9

    OMG, thank you so much for asking and gave me excuse to not looks like as boasting! :D :cool: The colors are much more bright on real as my phone sucks at inside photos! I'm glad that you liked the youtube channel!
  14. felis

    Daily Ooos: Tuesday, June 8

    Here I am again! I'm overworking to compensate my overshopping this month, but who cares when the yarn came today! I'm satisfied from the quality and little bit worried about the quantity. It's quite difficult for me to calculate correct. The store site gives you some sample instructions for...
  15. felis

    Did you know: Amazon Prime Reading?

    Chris I recently watched this video and think you may like these titles:
  16. felis

    Comment by 'felis' in media 'No Mow May'

    It's totally count! If you have interest check Plantlife site for #LetItBloomJune and #KneeHighJuly, but it's too much for me. ;)
  17. felis

    Daily Ooos: Tuesday, June 8

    Did you ask him if he is my prince? I want one even if it's just an ordinary frog! Regular post later (probably). But Chris I found this channel and maybe this is what you was asking for. Give a look and lets me know. If it's not this will keep looking! I have a really gorgeous (I mean he is...
  18. felis

    June Challenge #1 - Big Photo

    Here is mine:
  19. No Mow May

    No Mow May

  20. felis

    Daily Ooos: June 5-6: Weekend Edition

    Hello my dears! Pfft, I'm the worst gardener! Everyone of us have a part of the yard that have to mow. But my allergy hits me so hard that I wasn't able even to stay on the porchway let alone to mown. I was sneeze so much that we was kidding that my head will explode. I'm feels so guilty that...