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  1. scrap-genie

    Make a paper stacking base for your layouts

    What a nice idea and lovely results!
  2. scrap-genie

    June Challenge #2 - Artsy/MixedMedia

    Nice challenge!
  3. Capturing Moments

    Capturing Moments

    Beautiful flower on a woodland tree but usually pretty high to get a good photo, so pleased with this one of a tulip tree bloom.
  4. scrap-genie

    Daily Ooos: Monday, June 14

    Nancy @nancyr I got an order from Mixtiles and love them. But I have my doubts about the longevity of them on the wall. I guess I'll find out.
  5. scrap-genie

    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media '2021Jun13-egret-web.jpg'

    Beautiful and so creative. Love the flight photo and what you did with it. Perfect touches of color.
  6. scrap-genie

    Happy Birthday, Ona!

    Happy belated birthday. Sounds like it was a lovely one.
  7. scrap-genie

    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'The Letter'

    Beautifully done! It's a fantastic story and the page does it justice. The cluster with details is a great idea.
  8. scrap-genie

    June Challenge #3 - Heritage

    Nice twist to the challenge.
  9. Looking Back

    Looking Back

    My aunt made a copy of this photo for my family for which I am very grateful. I only learned about Caleb and the Civil War relatively recently so never scrapped about that part before.
  10. scrap-genie

    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'New Camera'

    Thanks Vera. It's a Nikon P1000. Old camera was 14 yrs old, telephoto lens even older, so it was time. Rae and Nancy R both liked it and I learned of it from them.
  11. scrap-genie

    June Challenge #1 - Big Photo

    Love the big photo challenge!
  12. New Camera

    New Camera

    From the daily O's I learned of a camera that sounded perfect for my DH and when I told him I wanted to get one for his birthday he was very pleased. This Wood Thrush was a beautiful subject for his first foray with it.
  13. scrap-genie

    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Jack Waits!'

    Your graphic styles are working so well. This is beautiful
  14. scrap-genie

    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Live Life'

    What a great watery look! Love that background paper. Nice happy image perfect with the bit of red.
  15. scrap-genie

    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Small Wonder'

    What a beautiful, peaceful look. The colors and use of space are perfect. And great to see you here!
  16. scrap-genie

    Comment by 'scrap-genie' in media 'Ava Bunny'

    The bunny alone is a delight, but the papers and clusters of the page are also wonderful. Such a happy look.
  17. scrap-genie

    June challenge #6 - Font

    Nice link to fonts, and now I have a new one!
  18. Night Ruler Blooms Again

    Night Ruler Blooms Again

    We love this dark iris and are so glad it bloomed this year and so abundantly. Night Ruler has an unfortunate trait of drooping bloom stalks so DH stakes them up.
  19. scrap-genie

    What are you watching: June?

    You'll laugh at what we're watching! We don't watch much in the way of TV shows, and none of the "cable" or streaming types but we're now watching VEEP via DVDs from the library. We can only stand to watch about 2 at a time and not consecutive days so we're just in season 3 with lots more to go...
  20. scrap-genie

    Tell me a song with a woman's name in it

    Queen Jane Approximately