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  1. yvonnahenna

    question: looking for water drops/splash

    LOL Madi, I needed to make Imke's invitation. She's turning 9. And she wanted to go to the disco swimmingparty with a few of her friends. So there needed to be waterslashes on her card :D
  2. yvonnahenna

    question: looking for water drops/splash

    FOUND it! Vicki Stegall's Splatz :D
  3. Anna Aspnes on wood

    Anna Aspnes on wood

    I made a layout to remember my South Africa trip back in 2003. I saw a video on the internet how I could make a photo on wood. So here it is: Credits: Warm Glow - Anna Aspnes Wild animals - anna Aspnes Travel Africa - Anna Aspnes TFL
  4. yvonnahenna

    question: looking for water drops/splash

    Thanks Anika, but I'm not really in the situation to buy any new scrapstuff. So I'm searching through my old stuff. :)
  5. yvonnahenna

    question: looking for water drops/splash

    Hi Ladies, Here I am again, after a loooooonnnggggg time :oops: I need your help. I'm looking for water spashes. Water drops. Something like that. I know I have them in my scrap stash. But I have no idea where to search. It's probably older scrap-stuff. But maybe one of you have an idea...
  6. yvonnahenna

    Happy birthday Yvonnahenna

    Oh thank you ladies!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  7. yvonnahenna

    ANNA Aspnes Designs: New In Store 03.24.13

    LOL This got released right on time! I was browsing her shop, and pooff, there was the beautifull green collors.. Thank you!
  8. yvonnahenna

    hi form seattle area

    Hi Stacey. Welcome to Oscraps.
  9. yvonnahenna

    First 3 Posts?? VERY Frustrating!!

    Than post around in the welcome area :-) Or maybe the gallery? While commenting, you can find some nice inpiration overthere :D
  10. yvonnahenna

    What's Your Flavor?

    Brownies!!! Or stroopwafelcake :D
  11. yvonnahenna

    Some exciting news :)

    Congratulations Joyce!!
  12. yvonnahenna

    What's at the top of your Playlist?

    When I need a up tempo song for getting my mood better, I put on Hot 'n cold - Katy Perry. Really REALLY loud, and dance and sing with it LOL
  13. yvonnahenna

    I'm feeling sorry for myself

    Hm, that s*cks the flight got canceled! I hope you will have another flight soon! Are you going to Limburg again?
  14. yvonnahenna

    ChantalS says hiiiiiii

    Hi Chantal. Welcome to the O! Van waar in NL ben je?
  15. yvonnahenna

    Hello again ;)

    Hi Meg!! Welcome back :D
  16. yvonnahenna

    hey Momma O!!!!! It's Your Day!!!!!!!

    Happy Birthday M'lady!
  17. yvonnahenna


    Me neither! LOL
  18. yvonnahenna

    is there any news of Danielle Young

    Congrats Danielle!
  19. yvonnahenna

    NSBR Those that pray

    Good to hear you've found a nice place!