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  1. Cath VP

    Comment by 'Cath VP' in media 'Spring Heritage'

    Magnificent page !
  2. There is somebody over the moon ?

    There is somebody over the moon ?

    Realized with : "Over The Moon" by Lynne Anzelc & Cheryl Budden
  3. When I am bored...

    When I am bored...

    Created with itKuPiLLi : "Verdi" - "Vivian" - "Shabby White" & "Peculiarities" and Vicki Robinson : "Time Heals 2"
  4. Reflection of my soul today

    Reflection of my soul today

    Realized with CBD : "My Own Soulmate" and " Lost in my Mind" Thank you to create sometimes desperate kits about life.
  5. Loving birds and flowers

    Loving birds and flowers

    Creating with : "Spring Beauty-Fly/52 inspirations 2024" & "She's Got Great" & "Slow Summer" & "Magic in the Mess" by Vicky Stegall and "Vintage Morning/52 inspirations 2024" by Viva Artistry photo Pixabay (cut out)
  6. Cath VP

    Comment by 'Cath VP' in media 'Sweet Blush by Palvinka Designs'

    Magnificent C&S page! What a beautiful harmony of colors between the kit and the photo!
  7. All is green in march

    All is green in march

    Created with : "52 inspirations 2023 -mix of designers" + "Plantable" by Foxeysquirrel
  8. Ireland


    Created with : "Serependity" and background :"Eden" by Rachel Jefferies Pictures Pixabay
  9. Cath VP


    Défi 1 : Techniques créatives {insérer} Défi 2 : Heritage {insert} Défi 3 : Border Only Challenge {insert} Défi 4 : Palette de couleurs {insert} Défi 5 : Letter Art {insert} Défi 6 : Tic-Tac-Toe { insert} Défi 7 : Multi Photos {insert}
  10. Cath VP

    Comment by 'Cath VP' in media 'monochrome'

    Thank you sweety ! BUT I haven't had an inbox for 5 days and my supplier doesn't know what to tell me! We walk on the head... :banghead:
  11. T is for Together - Osmosis

    T is for Together - Osmosis

    Realized with "T is for Together" by Rachel Jefferies" and a Pixabay's picture.
  12. Cath VP

    Comment by 'Cath VP' in media 'I need spring!'

    Thank you very much for your comments and the GSO! I like reading the details of a project, it's comforting for the time we spent putting everything in place! I am delighted to have pleased you by posting this page! :hug4:
  13. Cath VP

    February Challenge #1 - Color Play

    Thank you for the challenge ! I need spring !
  14. I need spring!

    I need spring!

    Realized with the kits Color Play : "Midsummer" by DayDreamDesigns & "Sentimental Me" by Vicki Stegall & "Loving Moments" by ETdesigns and "Nature's Harmony-Floral Grunge" by JoyfulHeart picture Pixabay
  15. Cath VP

    February Challenge #7 - White Space

    Thank you for this challenge !
  16. Everything to us

    Everything to us

    C for the challenge "WhiteSpace"
  17. Cath VP

    February Challenge #5 - Free For All

    Thank you hosting my page !