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  1. tanteva

    We all have favorites - Please share yours!

    Do you have any items in the shop that you've used over and over again? You know, your go-to things when you need something? Let's share and build up our scrapping stash! You sure could help me find new gems in the shop, since my scrap stash is a bit outdated, due to the fact that I just came...
  2. tanteva

    Game: Let's have a party - what are you bringing?

    It's time for a party! Each and everyone bring something for the party beginning with the same letter as their first name. What will you bring? I'm bringing enchiladas.
  3. tanteva

    Asking for a friend ...

    ... can a person have too many crocheted bags??? :D:D:D https://www.hookedonhomemadehappiness.com/beach-waves-market-bag-crochet-pattern/
  4. tanteva

    Let's CHEER things up!

    I guess you all figured out by now that I love looking back at old layouts, and my mission is to force you all to do the same. :D Go to your gallery and find a layout that is FUNNY or QUIRKY or just a HAPPY memory. Maybe a photo with a big SMILE. Let's cheer us all up with a trip down the...
  5. tanteva

    Template problem in PSE

    Something strange has happened, that never happened to me before. Got a template in psd, but most layers are sort of locked into one, and I can't "break them apart". Guessing it's something to do with the fact that I have a PSE11 and you need a proper PS (or newer PSE). I'm in love with this...
  6. tanteva

    Can we talk about journaling?

    I've noticed something now that I have gotten back to digi scrapping after a 5 year hiatus, and I thought I'd talk to you all about it and see if you agree and if you have any other thoughts on the subject. What I have noticed is that the journaling part of digital scrapbooking is way more...
  7. tanteva

    Bragging blatantly

    My layout got chosen Layout of the Day at Just Art Scrapbooking today (May 13th) and featured on the front page! https://justartscrapbooking.com/
  8. tanteva

    Pinterest Netiquette

    Just restarted with Pinterest. Used to have one where I saved recipes, but deleted everything when I had my BIG "I-hate-all-social-media"-attack, and deleted ALL social media. Anyway - needed a new Pinterest now for my layouts. (And I guess I will start saving recipes again LOL) But my...
  9. tanteva

    Help me find my kit!

    Been searching my external harddrive like a mad person! I've made this layout: The lady there is from Vicki Robinson's kit Starring Me https://www.oscraps.com/shop/starring-me-by-vicki-robinson.html I wanted to use that kit for another layout ... and I cannot for my life find it! Does anyone...
  10. tanteva

    Your first layout in the gallery?

    How about some fun? Scrolled through my gallery and found my first layout. I'm not sure, but I think this was for a challenge to scrap the last thing you bought. I posted it on Nov 29, 2007. Now ... show me your first layout in the gallery, please. I think this could be fun.
  11. tanteva

    Question for UK friends

    I have a question about etiquette. Unfortunately, my SIL Anna who lives in UK have cancer, and she only have months left. Hubby will go there in a couple of weeks to see his sister one last time. Anna's ex husband (they've been divorced for like 25 years and he has a new family) is kind enough...
  12. tanteva

    I have scrapped!!!!

    First layout since June! Read this book, and a sentence just POPPED out of the page, and I knew I had to scrap it. A bit hard to translate, but something like this: "I want to rise again, light a glimpse of day light, but quench all anxiety."
  13. tanteva

    Almost going crazy ...

    ... trying to follow a tutorial for editing photos that are written in English for Photoshop - while I have a Swedish edition of PSE. Sometimes I don't know if steps aren't doable in PSE or if I don't know what some modes/filters/whatever is called in Swedish. At least I know found a web site...
  14. tanteva

    Daily Ooo's FINALLY FRIDAY March 28

    Where is everyone? I'm so happy - I just finished the last challenge for March. This means I've made 6 monthly challenges, 8 birthday challenges, 8 Anna ladder challenges, 2 birthday designer challenges and 7 other designer challenges this month. Do I need to say March been a good scrapping...
  15. tanteva

    Just so you know ....

  16. tanteva

    Daily Ooo's Weekend Edition: March 22 & 23

    No new Daily Ooo's thread - and I need to vent ... starting it myself :) Have had a couple of crazy days, so I'm behind with my challenges, and today we have this stupid family dinner that I'm in no mood for. On Monday it will be a year since my sister passed, and for some reason my mom...
  17. tanteva

    Five thousand .... 5000!

    This is my 5000nd post. Who knew I was so chatty??!! :blah:
  18. tanteva

    How's everyone?

    Hi everyone! How are you doing? I can't remember when I stopped by last time, months ago probably. I've made so many changes this year, I'm like a whole new person. It's almost a year ago now since my sister passed (March 24th). I've read about how things like this changes lifes, and I've...
  19. tanteva

    Just a thought on Facebook

    Find someone you trust and let him/her know your password to Facebook. As you know, my sister passed away on March 24. Facebook can't close down her account until they get a death certificate, which apparently takes time. My sister's birthday was on May 5th, and since "friendship" is a rather...
  20. tanteva

    Need thoughts on Facebook

    I asked this in the Daily O thread yesterday, but I thought I'd start a new thread since not all read and participate in the Daily O's. First - for those of you who didn't hear it already - my sister passed away Sunday evening (F#¤%ing cancer). This has got me thinking about a lot of things...