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    Gallery Guidelines 2024

    Read and accepted
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    AnnaColor Challenge 01.08.2021 - 01.21.2021

    Always an enjoyable challenge - Thanks Adryane!
  3. Anna Color 1-21-21

    Anna Color 1-21-21

    Photos from Pixabay: hummingbird - BryanHanson Succulent - MartinPhotography
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    AnnaLift Challenge 01/08/21-01/22/21

    Happy New Year everyone!
  5. Anna Lift 1-22-21

    Anna Lift 1-22-21

    Entrance to Surprising Cave in Halong Bay Vietnam. Sung Sot Cave was allegedly first discovered by the French in 1901, who took it upon themselves to name it Grotte des Surprises, or Surprising Cave, because of its surprising beauty (although the name didnt catch on until a good 40 years later)...
  6. Anna Color 12-3-20

    Anna Color 12-3-20

    I've used this photo before, I confess. I just thought it was well suited for the subdued colors of the challenge palette. Thanks as always, Adryane for hosting.
  7. J

    AnnaLift Challenge 11/13/20-11/27/20

    Thanks for the challenge NAdams! Here's mine~
  8. Anna Lift 11-27-20

    Anna Lift 11-27-20

    For over 20 years a cruise to a foreign port has been part of our yearly diet. Leaving the east coasts frigid winter weather for several weeks, soaking in the sun and sea air so wonderful. Covid has changed this routine, hopefully not for long.
  9. Anna Color challenge 11-12-20

    Anna Color challenge 11-12-20

    Footbridge in Central Park
  10. AnnaLift 8-21-20

    AnnaLift 8-21-20

    I hope this beautiful city survives
  11. J

    AnnaColor Challenge 07.24.2020-08.06.2020

    This was fun, Adryane. Thanks!
  12. Anna Color Challenge 8-6-20

    Anna Color Challenge 8-6-20

    Photo Source: Pixabay
  13. Anna Lift 8-7-20

    Anna Lift 8-7-20

    Autumn in Jim Thorpe Pennsylvania
  14. J

    AnnaColor Challenge 07.10.2020 - 07.23.2020

    Like others in this challenge, I was not crazy about this color pallette. Then I remembered this photo which I knew I could paint over in several spots. Such a genious!
  15. Anna Color Challenge 7-23-20

    Anna Color Challenge 7-23-20

    Concrete pergola (sort of) Puerto Calderas, Costa Rica
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    AnnaColor Challenge 06.26.2020 - 07.09.2020

    Here's mine - thanks Adryane