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  1. wvufan04

    Rachel Jefferies Designs 2024 Mixed Media Challenge Tracking Thread

    Rachel Jefferies Designs Challenge Links January: (https://oscraps.com/community/media/worn-out.388211/) February: (insert link) March: (insert link) April: (insert link) May: (insert link) June: (insert link) July: (insert link) August: (insert link) September: (insert link) October: (insert...
  2. wvufan04

    2024-01 Rachel Jefferies January 2024 Mixed Media Challenge****CLOSED****WINNER ANNOUNCED****

    currently feeling very worn out - fighting some sickness the last couple days and yesterday was on the go most of the day so today I have been completely wiped out. The pops of colors are for the hope I have that I'll feel better soon.
  3. Worn Out

    Worn Out

    For Jan 2024 Mixed Media Challenge My current "weather report" for my mood is worn out as I've been feeling sick the last day or so and am just tired, run down but am hopeful that soon it will pass (hence the brighter pops of color for the hope)
  4. Remember


  5. On the hunt

    On the hunt

    For Jan 2024 Rachel Jefferies featured product challenge
  6. Embrace Change

    Embrace Change

  7. wvufan04

    January challenge #2 - Storybook/Fantasy

    This was challenging for and I hope I completed the challenge correctly. I chose to put bees in a winter woods scene - hopefully they look like they belong with the bear and flowers added
  8. Bear & Bees

    Bear & Bees

  9. wvufan04

    January Challenge #7 - Copy Cat

    I lifted this page and here is my lift (I'm not a coffee drinker so didn't have any pictures hope this is okay)
  10. 202401-os-copycat.jpg


  11. wvufan04

    Comment by 'wvufan04' in media 'Hope for 2021 - Day 12 Challenge'

    Love the textures and the big word/phrase in the center coupled with the smaller journaling
  12. Gather


  13. Winter Fun

    Winter Fun

  14. wvufan04

    January Challenge #1 - One Word

    I have renew in the journaling - it's all about renewing my commitment to telling the stories of the past, the old family stories to go with the photos I have been blessed with
  15. Renew Committment

    Renew Committment