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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALLY!!! (cellomom)

    Birthday Wishes... Sending you bucket loads of birthday wishes Sally.... Wishing you a truly wonderful birthday. May it be filled with birthday wishes & surprises. Hope you've celebrated a great day with family & friends... Birthday Quote just for you: "May your spirit keep the freedom...
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    Spiced Apple With Shabby Miss Jenn - New, ON SALE & Free Album!!

    Two fabulously talented gals - ABSOLUTELY gorgeous kit!! Congrats to both of you... :)
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    Freebie and a Contest!!!

    What amazing work and definitely gorgeous blog... have it bookmarked.... I can't forget to mention..... :D..... what an AWESOME competition. have a great day full of inpsirational creativity!!
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    It's Butterfly Season

    AWWWW George.... it truly is the season of butterflies!! They are being found in all sorts of crafting medium at the moment... truly inspiring!
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    Graphicware! New Products with Graphic Flair!

    These are such FUN papers Gen.... gorgeous LO of hubby too!!
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    Vix Quickpage

    That page looks totally Urban & Chic beautiful!!!
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    Paint the Moon Altered Homes (Frames)

    Annie.......absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The detail is FANTABULOUS...& ARTISITIC!! It's totally rockin'...
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    Poor Sad Birthday O'Fairy...

    Sending bucket loads of Get Well wishes..... & some hugs too!!!
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    Paint the Moon Boxed In - NOW Available

    Of all the boxes I've seen lately... this is the BEST ONE!!!! Way to go Annie... It's going on my shopping list right now!!! Congrats on a absolutely beautiful design....
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    Glitz Edges :: Rubber Bands

    that's some serious creative inspiration Vicki......GO GIRL!!!
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media 'Waiting...'

    How totally gorgeous is this layout!!! Love the gorgeous look in the eyes... & those adorable pics of the pressies & snowman....
  12. Sweetness & Joy

    Sweetness & Joy

    Sweetness & Joy you bring both to my life... Kit: "Cherish Thy Love" Heather Thompson
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media '*to all of my O Fam!!*'

    How absolutely true and thanks for sharing this wonderful bright spot to the day.... might just have to crank up the rusty vocal cords too...LOL!!! Gorgeous LO..Sally
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media 'Too Cute'

    What a cutie angel... Beautiful Layout!!
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media 'Aug 2007 - Seeking'

    WOW, WOW, WOW!!!! Kaylea this is absolutely STUPENDOUS!!! love everything single detail and quote, wordart used!
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media 'Secrets from the past / Dear diary'

    Absolutely Beautiful....I love the frame around the diary's cover...
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media 'The Fun Way'

    Absolutely SPECTACULAR girl....love it!!
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media 'Challenge 12 - ADSR Journey'

    Ash.......the ADSR has been a long journey for you...fitting it in with school homework & assignments...but you've accomplished it & I'm proud of you not only for the commitment but for learning and growing along the way! But...as your Mum...... this is exactly who you are...I'm in awe...
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media 'ADSR2 challenge 7: This is Paradise'

    WOW!!! you and Cora have done a spectacular job with this challenge!! Awesome photo skills also Ash but I'm biased! hugs Mum
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    Comment by 'Darlene' in media 'Girl Talk - ADSR2 - Challenge 8'

    Absolutely Awesome LO my girl!!! And make sure those boys stay away.....LOL!!