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    {Charlize Creations} YOU Complete me 20% OFF

    NEW Creation for this week: Get first hand news of Charlize Creations at: Facebook | Blog | Twitter | Newsletter | Google+
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    iNSD 40% @ Charlize Creations

    Grab before it ends! New Collection included:
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    [CharlizeC] Hello Spring!

    Hello Ladies! I've been in a very long hiatus and now I plan to come back! Here's my first of many to come *hopefully wink wink* HELLO SPRING You can find the mini kit here: http://www.oscraps.com/shop/Hello-Spring.html And ... grab them 20% OFF with this coupon: Hello1904 Valid until...
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    {Charlize Creations} February Mini O's: Bring You Home 44% OFF

    February Mini O's 44% OFF from Charlize Creations​ is up! Don't miss the chance, go grab now:
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    {Charlize Creations} is BACK with "You Are Loved" 20% Off the whole weekend!

    Something New From: Stay update with Charlize Creations here: Store | Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Newsletter | Google+
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    @Charlize Creations: 20-30% Off New Collection & 44% Mini O's Stamps

    Finally a NEW Collection after awhile hiatus! It's also unexpected since I'm in the middle of helping my kids with their finals. But hey ... I managed unexpectedly! YAY! And as always it's 20-30% OFF the whole weekend! BUTTERFLIES KISSES The BUNDLE: THE KIT: THE PAPER...
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    @Charlize Creations: iNSD Sale Ended Today 40% OFF

    And remember to grab my Facebook Fan Page, before its gone forever Just LIKE my Facebook Fan Page here: Charlize Creations Facebook Fan Page Here's what you're going to get: Coordinated with my April Mini O's: You can still grab them 40% OFF in the store! HURRY! Have fun...
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    @Charlize Creations: April Mini O's | Simply The Best & 2 FREEBIES!

    TIME for APRIL MINI O's Which means a MINI Kit with 44% OFF and 2 FREEBIES Exclusively from Charlize Creations YAY! Simply The Best Mini Kit Some layouts created by The Exquisite Team: And the NEWSLETTER has been sent, here's the preview of the freebie that you can grab...
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    Hi from Jakarta, Indonesia

    Welcome Angela!
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    @Charlize Creations: NEW Mini Kit | Hoppity Hippity

    Gorgeous layouts made by the Exquisite Team:
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    Asking for healing prayers and thoughts

    Oh Jac, I’m so sorry. It’s just not fair. My prayers go out to you and your family.
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    Hi from France

    Welcome to Oscraps! Enjoy the celebration!
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    @Charlize Creations: New Collection 20-30% OFF | The Sweetest Season

    We're entering the sweetest season of the year, where the flowers bloom and the birds chirp. Walking between the trees and enjoying the ray of sunshine coming thru them is a bliss and blessings. Enjoy your sweetest moment of the season and scrap your life with this kit. Charlize Creations...
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    @Charlize Creations: New Collection 20-30% OFF | Bouquet Of Happiness

    The season of blooming flowers and the singin birds are almost here. This kit bringing the flowery ambience that create happiness in life. Scrap your life beautifully with this collection. Charlize Creations BRAND NEW COLLECTION 20-30% off the WHOLE WEEKEND! Bouquet Of Happiness BUNDLE | KIT |...
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    @Charlize Creations: Valentine's Special 40% OFF Storewide

    >>>> VALENTINE'S HERE <<<< Enjoy Charlize Creations Collections - Everything in Store: Grab while you can! HURRY!
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    @Charlize Creations: Brand New Collection 20-30% OFF | Love Is Magic

    I am back with Brand New Collection! This time with a love collection theme. 20-30% OFF Whole Weekend LOVE IS MAGIC The beauty of magic is being loved by everyone, kids, teenagers, even adults. Its both entertaining and exciting at the same time. And do you know the relation between love...
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    @CharlizeCreations: BLACK FRIDAY 50% Sale | 60% Going Going GONE | New Collection

    CAROLING PRAISE & JOY Bundle | Mini Kit | Element Add On | Paper Add On Grab the BUNDLE and get Alpha Pack as the FWP! The Mini Kit: The Separate Paper Pack from the Mini Kit: The Element Add On: The Paper Add On: Some beautiful layouts created with...