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  1. The Man and The House

    The Man and The House

    Elements by Katie Pertiet and Anna Aspnes
  2. Maasai Colors

    Maasai Colors

    This LO was for a challenge at another site. Kit by Lynn Grieveson
  3. My Two Daughters!

    My Two Daughters!

    Grandma's Garden Kit by Mary Fran Bows by Alice Koh Photo by my Father 37 years ago...
  4. It's for you!

    It's for you!

    Everything by Mary Fran Background Template by Kellie Mize Tag by Katie Pertiet
  5. You


    Template and Word Art by TaylorMade Design
  6. The Moment...

    The Moment...

    By TaylorMade Design and Katiet Pertiet
  7. Sweetness


    TaylorMade Design, Glenda Ketcham and Kay Miller
  8. Two Friends

    Two Friends

    Katie Pertiet
  9. Bye!


    MaryFran and Tracy Ann
  10. Dream and Live

    Dream and Live

    TaylorMade Design and Katie Pertiet
  11. luisamigon

    Comment by 'luisamigon' in media 'Defining Genevieve'

    WOW!!! Fantastic!!!
  12. Smile!


    Credits: TaylorMade Design, Misty Cato, Danelle Johnson Photo from Stock Xchange
  13. luisamigon

    Comment by 'luisamigon' in media 'Delight'

    Really delightful!!! TFS!!!
  14. Carioca... - Version II

    Carioca... - Version II

    Photos by Me Flowers elements by Kay Miller
  15. Carioca...


    A part of "Samba do Carioca", a Vincius de Moraes's poem. It's about the "light" carioca's way of life: sky, sand, sun, ocean, woman and samba.... :O) Obviously this life style is in the air when someone speaks about us: "cariocas"... (who was born and...
  16. Se tu me amas...

    Se tu me amas...

    Words from a poem of Mario Quintana (Brazilian poet) Photos from Stock Xchange
  17. Sentence


    Flowers between two toes of my friend's foot... Photo by Me - Luisa Migon (modified using Photoshop) Back Paper by Laura Alpuch A Thing of the Past and Compulsive Entitlememt by TaylorMade Designs
  18. luisamigon

    Comment by 'luisamigon' in media 'Reverence'

    Ohhhh, girl....
  19. luisamigon

    Comment by 'luisamigon' in media 'sk8ers rule'

    What can I say???!!! FANTASTIC!!!
  20. luisamigon

    Comment by 'luisamigon' in media 'English'

    LOL!!! Great!!!