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  1. Tornado


    Happier than a tornado in a trailer park! That was exactly what it was like for these two kiddos. Journaling reads: You kids had so much fun playing in the camp. You two were on the go from the time we arrived. I used August Swirls by Patty Webb only available at ScrapOutsideTheBox...
  2. CindyLou

    Comment by 'CindyLou' in media 'Merry-Go-Round'

    Love the action photo and the dots all around. Great LO!
  3. Spring


    Text reads: I love this time of year all the flowers are trying their best to bloom and grow. Makes me want to try just a little harder. Credits: Almost by Stephanie Broccolo available at Scrap Outside The Box...
  4. Magic Meatloaf recipe

    Magic Meatloaf recipe

    2 pounds ground beef 1/2 cup chopped green 1/2 cup chopped onions bell peppers 1 cup milk 1 egg 1 packet gravy mix 1 1/2 teaspoons salt 1 cup cracker crumbs 6-8 potatoes, cut up Mix meatloaf ingredients. Shape into loaf, set in crock pot and put...
  5. Big Eyes

    Big Eyes

    DS hanging out in his stroller at the Children's Museum. I used selective coloring to emphasize his big eyes. Credits: Papers and other elements from Almost by Stephanie Broccolo available only here at SOTB...
  6. Better Part of Me

    Better Part of Me

    My DS playing in his Bumbo! He is my Dream come true and definitely the better part of me. I used "Imagine, Dream, Believe" by Patty Webb available at Scrap Outside the Box. http://www.scrapoutsidethebox.com/shop/product.php?productid=49&cat=0&page=1 In addition to the...
  7. CindyLou

    Comment by 'CindyLou' in media 'Darling'

    She is such a cutie!! Love the colors and especially the WA!
  8. CindyLou

    Comment by 'CindyLou' in media 'Playing at the Park'

    Love these templates!! Great LO!
  9. CindyLou

    Comment by 'CindyLou' in media 'Yorktown'

    Love the blended photo!! Beautiful LO!
  10. CindyLou

    Comment by 'CindyLou' in media 'Train Ride'

    Love the photos and journaling. I really like how you did the brads around the title too.
  11. Driving


    My DD taking my husband for a ride in her jeep. Actually this picture was taken at the children's museum and I extracted it to go onto a road. I love the look on my husband's face. Priceless!! I used Imagine, Dream, Believe by Patty Webb of Patty's Designs available only at Scrap Outside...