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  1. cellomom

    Happy birthday girls !!!!!

    Thanks, guys!!!! I also had a great day yesterday that included getting a macbook pro and immediately loading Adobe creative cloud so I wouldn't be without my precious photoshop!!! love you guys!!!!
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    Super big hugs and prayers, Merkee!!!! ♥♥♥
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    happy birthday Sally

    Thanks, guys!!!! Xoxoxoxox
  4. cellomom

    happy birthday Sally

    Thanks, girlies!!!! I've had an awesome day!!!!! And you guys made it so much better!!! super big hugs!! ♥♥♥
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    Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, July 2

    Hey kiddos!! I just wanted to stop by and say hi and stuff!! I'm up to my eyeballs in quilting, kiddos, and housework! (What's up with it getting so dirty so fast??? Shoveling in a snowstorm!!) Chris, really I wanted to let you know that I had my first mammo this past Monday. I'm party shamed...
  6. cellomom

    Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, March 4, the Caffeinated Faery Edition!

    I'm raising my Starbucks in honor of our dear sweet caffeinated Faery this morning!!!! Super big hugs!!!!
  7. cellomom

    for our Faery

    Praying and sending big hugs, sweet faery friend!!! Love you!!!!
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    Daily Ooo's: Monday, February 10

    Hey guys!! Waving a BIG Hi from Houston here!!! It's cold and rainy and I cannot wait until Spring and real convertible weather!!! Eeeeeek!! Anyway, my sis and her hubby have been here since last wednesday and they go back to the Seattle area on Wed. I am grabbing pretty much every minute I can...
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    Daily Ooo's: Wednesday, January 22, The Faery is having a Tantrum Edition

    Ohhhh guys!!! I know you are all going through it weatherwise (and other ways!), but ohhhh it might SNOW here in Houston this weekend!!! WAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! just sayin'... hugs all around!!! love you guys!
  10. cellomom

    Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, January 21

    Hey kids!!! Bunches of hugs from Texas. Yep, I'm driving around with the top down in the sun (yep, I've got sunscreen in my makeup!!) with quilts on and the heat on and the windows up! Emma took a pic...I'll have to upload it soon! :) I'm not looking forward to Friday when the Canadian Noreaster...
  11. cellomom

    Daily Ooo's: Monday, January 20

    Hugs to everyone!!! Happy Monday!!! I think I got a lot done at work (monitoring children in study hall while outside classes are going on in a homeschool environment! Just in case I haven't told you guys where I work!). Trying to organize everything and get some creative business stuff going...
  12. cellomom

    Daily Ooo's: Tuesday, January 14

    Hi Kiddos!!! Super big hugs here from me!! I'm in January wildness, although I'm not doing as much as I would like to!! (and my house has thrown up again, but not as bad as last week when we were moving rooms!!) just wanted to pop in and yell HI!!!! oh and I know you guys will pray with me...
  13. cellomom

    Anyone ever went to an NFL game?

    I've been to several Texans games and we had nosebleed seats. They are still AMAZING!!!! If your boyfriend is a football freak (like me and my family) he will LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! and if you enjoy football, you will LOVE LOVE LOVE it, too!!! Can you tell I'm a BIG fan??? Even with the Texans...
  14. cellomom

    Adobe CC on sale!

    I hope they do this sale again! I promised myself once I get down to my goal weight with Weight Watchers, I'll transfer the money I'm paying for that to Adobe CC!! I agree, Trista...it's a subscription, and I cannot wait to learn Illustrator!! :) For now, I just have to get on that elliptical!! :)
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    Last Chance to sign up...

    For the Oscraps annual Christmas Card Exchange!! Check out this thread here: https://ozone.oscraps.com/forum/showthread.php?t=28103
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    Yay!! Vera!!! Doesn't it feel great??????
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    Comment by 'cellomom' in media '~Disneyland~'

    i love this!!! great page!!!
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    Christmas Cards?

    Nana!!! You are so with it!! We are planning a fun extra special fun Christmas card exchange this year!! yay!! But, we can totally work together!! So, keep on grabbing those addresses and then you and I will work behind the scenes to make sure everyone has what they need to send their cards out...
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    Comment by 'cellomom' in media 'BE_JOYFUL1'

    Beautiful!! That kit looks fabulous!!! Great page!!
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    Comment by 'cellomom' in media 'every day gratitude'

    I totally love this!!