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  1. vanbinark

    Comment by 'vanbinark' in media 'Oscraps_Re-a-Layout-Challenge_Day-10_vrobinson-Joy.gif'

    I am both thrilled an amazed! I can't believe it! Thank you so very much!
  2. vanbinark


    I used Joy by Vicki Robinson to create this layout and connect to my AVI Challenge
  3. vanbinark

    **WINNERS ANNOUNCED** DAY 12 - Scrap Lyrics of a Christmas Song | CHALLENGE

    Silent Night is one of my all-time favorite songs to hear/sing all year long.
  4. Oscraps-2021_Christmas-Song-Lyrics_Day-12_Oscraps-CnJ.gif


    I used Oscraps Collab Comfort and Joy (oscraps_CnJ) for this layout
  5. vanbinark

    **WINNERS ANNOUNCED** Day 11 - This or That | GAME

    FloridaGranny get out of my head! LOL! :D:D Beach! Chips and a margarita or something and a glass of wine?
  6. vanbinark

    **WINNERS ANNOUNCED** Day 11 - This or That | GAME

    Both - but maybe a little - okay! - a lot more Christmas A warm sunny tropical beach or a snow topped secluded mountain?
  7. vanbinark

    **WINNERS ANNOUNCED** Day10 - Re-do a layout | CHALLENGE

    I chose to Re do this layout Into this layout. I remember how I loved to dance in the snow as a child! Okay-what I did was nothing compared to ballet.
  8. Oscraps_Re-a-Layout-Challenge_Day-10_vrobinson-Joy.gif