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    fun toot!!

    So fun! Great job, girl!
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    Comment by 'MikkelPaige' in media 'Vicki Stegall'

    Whoa, hottie! I think I like you best as a blond!
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    Virus on my computer

    A computer "nerd" friend just recommended that one to me! I'm going to try it when I get home. Too bad I paid for a different one, right? Oh well. C'est la vie.
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    Virus on my computer

    I have a virus (not Conficker...but Zlob) on my PC. Yet another reason I want a Mac. :( I can't get rid of it.
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    Comment by 'MikkelPaige' in media 'THURSDAY PHOTO CHALLENGE'

    Wow! Love the colors with the contrasting swirls!
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    Are you ready to PARTAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA??????

    Happy Birthday!!!! Wooooo Hooooo!!!
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    Comment by 'MikkelPaige' in media 'big boy bed'

    Adorable bed, adorable layout!
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    Comment by 'MikkelPaige' in media 'frog prince'

    Cute face! Haha!! :-)
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    Comment by 'MikkelPaige' in media 'years'

    Just gorgeous! I feel like you've grown so much as a scrapbooker recently!
  10. Love You

    Love You

    I really love this photo of my fiance and me - it was taken on a Disney Cruise we took in March of 2008. Credits: Stand with Me kit by Lauren Grier at Sweet Shoppe Designs Layered Up in You Swirls by Lauren Grier at Sweet Shoppe Designs Dizzy Fizzy Lizzy alpha by Lauren Grier at Sweet...
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    Hi from NC

    WELCOME! You'll love it here!
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    I can't do it!

    I find inspiration from galleries sometimse....but mostly on paper scrapbooking sites. The Maya Road blog's great too or their Creative Corner kicks butt as well!!
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    What's for dinner?

    Hahaha - nice. Poor Stegalls! Chili was delicious! Tonight we're having pizza! YUM!!!
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    Comment by 'MikkelPaige' in media 'Relax'

    Love it!
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    What's for dinner?

    I have a huge pot of chili at home just calling me from work.... I made it last night b/c we had people over to watch the Oscars but since there were TONS of appetizers and such only a tiny bit was eaten. I keep thinking of my chili with rice and salad (kind of taco salad-ish) and my...
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    Yeah I don't care

    That is HOT! I may have to play!!
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    just had to toot...sorta!

    OMG!!! You're crazy! But in a good way. ;-)
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    Comment by 'MikkelPaige' in media 'How did I get so lucky?'

    So sweet! Love where you placed the ribbon.