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  1. Mielz

    Comment by 'Mielz' in media 'Sailing through Life'

    Thank you so much!
  2. Mielz

    FEBRUARY 2023 - Standing O's

    Thank you so much!
  3. Mielz

    Comment by 'Mielz' in media 'Go'

    Gewoon weer supermooi, ViVre! Heerlijk om al die mooie layouts van jou weer te zien, zoveel inspiratie!
  4. Mielz

    Comment by 'Mielz' in media 'A New Day'

    Love how you put the picture of the orange in the circle frame. Beautiful layout!
  5. Sailing through Life

    Sailing through Life

    Inspired by a layout by ViVre All Anna Aspnes: APP: Across The Miles Shine Milestone Sea Life Seafoam Salty Living Ocean Cove Artsy Blendz Origins Artist Edges Overlays No.8 Dripped Stains No.4 Artsy Kardz Wanderlust TFL!
  6. Mielz

    Comment by 'Mielz' in media 'Winter'

  7. Winter


    All Anna Aspnes: APP Brumal Mini APP Brio Foto Inspired Templates No.3A Artsy Kardz For the Record Artsy Kardz Reflections Artsy Kardz Everyday TFL!
  8. Mielz

    2022-05 Rachel Jefferies May Mixed Media Challenge **CLOSED**WINNER ANNOUNCED***

    https://oscraps.com/community/media/someone-special-2022-05-racheljefferiesmaymixedmediachallenge-jpg.363631/ edited by @mywisecrafts to add layout gallery link
  9. Someone special | 2022-05-RachelJefferiesMayMixedMediaChallenge.jpg

    Someone special | 2022-05-RachelJefferiesMayMixedMediaChallenge.jpg

  10. Mielz

    2022-04 Rachel Jefferies April Mixed Media Challenge ***CLOSED***ANNOUNCED*****

  11. 2022-04RachelJefferiesAprilMixedMediaChallenge.jpg


    Rachel Jefferies: Anisoptera Whatever the Weather
  12. Mielz

    Comment by 'Mielz' in media 'Fade Away'

    It's gorgeous! Congrats on the GSO!
  13. Mielz

    Comment by 'Mielz' in media 'Queen Anne's Lace'

    Thank you so much!! :)
  14. Mielz

    Comment by 'Mielz' in media 'Queen Anne's Lace'

    Mine too! Love it! Thanks!
  15. Queen Anne's Lace

    Queen Anne's Lace

  16. Cow Parsley

    Cow Parsley

    “Flowers don’t worry about how they’re going to bloom. They just open up and turn toward the light and that makes them beautiful.” – Jim Carrey
  17. Art Book No.2

    Art Book No.2

    Anna Aspnes: APP Science Multi Media Leaves No.5 Multi Media Stars No.1 Multi Media Deer Multi Media Winter No.2 Multi Media Snowmen No.1 Multi Media Rain No.1 Multi Media Reindeer No.1 Notebook No.4 Magic Sprinklez No.9 Mountains No.1 Winter Word ART Mix No.2 Script Tease Nature...
  18. Art Book No.1

    Art Book No.1

    Anna Aspnes: APP: Science Evanescent Behold Hackneyed Hearth Thrive Multi Media Reindeer No.1 Multi Media Leaves No.5 Multi Media Rain No.1 Multi Media Stars No.1 & 2 Notebook No.2 Paper Textures No.4 Boxed Art Strokes No.1 Script Tease Nature No.1 ET Designs: Welcome...
  19. Mielz

    AnnaLift Challenge 10/16/20-10/30/20

  20. Autumn | Annalift

    Autumn | Annalift

    Anna Aspnes: APP Christmas Tree APP Home APP Inclement APP Gather Dripped Stains No.4 Painted Leaves No.1 Gold Leaves No.1 Script Tease Fall No.2 Script Tease Celebrate Multi Media Branches No.1 Multi Media Christmas Trees No.2 Stitched by Anna Circle Loop da Loops No.1 TFL!