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  1. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: March 25-26: Weekend Edition

    Good morning ladies. A quick in and out for me, I'm heading out for a photo walk with a friend in a few minutes. There's a park 1.5 hrs away that we like, on the water and we'll see if any of the shore birds have started coming back yet and if we can spot any blue birds, they have been spotted...
  2. bcgal00

    Daily Oooo's: Friday, March 24

    Good morning ladies. I have laundry going so am waiting a few minutes for that to finish so I can hop in the shower. I was looking at haircuts online for short thin hair last night (for about 3 hrs) as I watched TV with D. I have an appt in a few days and was going to get a trim but decided that...
  3. bcgal00

    Daily Oood: Thursday, March 23

    @taxed4ever I just saw the GSO you got, congrats! It's a gorgeous page. @LSlycord Glad you are enjoying the new job.
  4. bcgal00

    Daily Oood: Thursday, March 23

    Good morning ladies. I sorted thru some clothes for the upcoming trip yesterday. It's three weeks away, getting close. I didn't scan all my documents, I should do that today. I have started putting my bag of small personal items together i.e. toothpicks, floss, bandaids, travel nail kit...
  5. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Wednesday, March 22

    Good morning ladies. I need to meal plan and pull some meat out of the freezer. Maybe spaghetti and meatballs today. We had the police here yesterday, asking if our outside cameras catch any of the street behind us and one of them does see a bit of the road. They asked us to do a backup for...
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    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Hina-Matsuri.jpg'

    What interesting photos!
  7. bcgal00

    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Childrens Garden at MSU'

    What a beautiful photo!
  8. bcgal00

    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Embrace the Difference'

    Gorgeous page with such wonderful blending. Love the baby pics with who they are now.
  9. bcgal00

    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'ck-april-calendar-02-600.jpg'

    This is fabulous! Love the clusters and the cloud background paper!
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    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Squirrel Miss Girl'

    This is so adorable!
  11. bcgal00

    Daily Ooos: Tuesday. March 21

    Good morning ladies. I plan to scrap, go to the dog park and get the dogs' nails clipped at the groomers. Jen went into Vancouver for the dentist yesterday and will be back later today. Soon she will be done with the braces, maybe 1 or 2 more visits, then she won't have to travel back and forth...
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    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Family - Value Pack'

    Beautiful layout with the blending and great photos!
  13. bcgal00

    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Daily Joys'

    What a beautiful page and how wonderful that you all meet to support and lift each other up.
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    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'CHANGE'

    What a lovely page! I like the flowers and the butterfly tucked under the photo.
  15. bcgal00

    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Fée Mathilde'

    I like all the stamps/paints used and the hearts over the photo.
  16. bcgal00

    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Brown Eyed Girl'

    I like the earthy tones and the paint with the butterfly overtop. Such a pretty page!
  17. bcgal00

    Daily Ooo's: Monday, March 20

    @taxed4ever Countdown according to my princess app is 26 days 21 hours 40 minutes :) I miss the spring flowers from the lower mainland. Out here in the semi-arid climate there aren't a lot of flower gardens. They can't survive the heat and drought. There are a few here and there but mostly it...
  18. bcgal00

    Are you a template fan?

    I never used to use templates but grew to love them. I like artsy templates, utilizing paper placement and masks/stamps from the template and then customizing to my liking. The template is the starting point.
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    Comment by 'bcgal00' in media 'Exaltation.jpg'

    Beautiful photos and I like the softly patterned background. Very pretty!
  20. bcgal00

    Do you use the color wheel?

    I just go with my gut for color matching. I worked with the color wheel years ago when I worked for a scrap store and would put together kits for classes I taught, but I don't feel the need to use it anymore.